Speakers work with only one wire connected


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Noticed on my speaker and amp system that the sound was a little muddied. Took a look at speaker connections to subs and noticed one wire was off a sub.
But speaker was still playing! I am using low level input(wired straight from stock speaker to subs no rca cables used)

How can this be? I ran totally new wire straight from stock speaker after finding this to ensure that a wire had not been crimped or grounded to chassis and got same results. Speakers are not touching no wires are grounded but sub will still work with only one wire running to it.

I am not totaly new to audio installs but I can't understand why this works.

If I remember correctly a speaker has to have both wires connected to make a complete circuit to induce a electrical field to make it work .

Is there something strange about PT cruiser speaker system?

I have double and triple checked all wiring and found nothing out of the ordinary.


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yes, the speaker wires work almost like a hot and a ground on both wires... the speaker wires were made like this to protect against electrical surges and it also helps a little bit with distrtion problems

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So what you are saying is that for this type of car one wire is ok for speaker?

I still dont understand how this one wire can make a complete electrical ciruit.

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The system is likely grounded to the chassis and therefore only needs a hot lead. Go to the car stereo section of the forum for a better answer.

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The system consists of a simple 2 channel Scocshe 550 watt amp. 2 Lightning Audio 10' subs. The system power is ran from battery through 4 gage wire . The remote turn on is wired into the 12 volt dc outlet in hatch. System is grounded through the ground on 12 volt dc outlet in hatch.

Speaker level inputs are soldered onto stock speakers keeping correct polarity in mind. No crimps kinks or bare wires coming form stock speakers. Speaker level inputs are 16 gage wire wired to speaker level inputs on amp.

Speaker output wires are wired to subs in a stereo type setup i.e. one left channel and one right channel. They are not bridged.

Speakers and amp are mounted on 5/8 mdf cargo deck resting on stock ledges in hatch.

There are no metal to metal contact anywhere on cargo deck to chassis.

Head unit is stock 6 disc cd changer.

I am baffled?

Maybe its the way I have it grounded to 12 volt dc outlet in hatch, but that still would not explain a complete circuit through the speakers.

Nothing really extravagant just a simple amp and speaker setup. I have done many of these in the past on various cars and have never seen anything like this.

If I am thinking right there is no way that speaker should be working, the circuit is just not there to drive the speaker. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE but its working!

Scosche has a tech hotline that I am going to call and see if they have an answer. Will keep updated when I get an answer.

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Talked with tech from Scosche and they said that they are having an issue with this type of amp and are working on it. They started having calls last week and they say it may be a bad batch of amps that were produced. So I am not crazy after all.

He said that it was somehow picking up a ground through the remote turn on and was driving speaker.

Still kinda in the dark but he said that it should pose no problem and that I should check back with them and see what the resolution will be.

Maybe if there is no fix they will give me a better amp!!

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