Arrrrrgghhh!!! I've gone through two pairs now...


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Hello, I was wondering if I get some advice/help from some experienced audio folk. I am very much a newbie for all things audio but have now blown two sets of speakers.

My situation:

I have a very old Kenwood receiver (KR - 6030) that my older brother game me some years ago. It sounds great. He also gave me some huge and heavy floor speakers that he built himself like 30 odd years ago. He built the cabinets himself and I have no idea what components he used inside.

I recently have been using the stereo (at very loud volumes) to play along with my drums. While playing along a month ago I blew the tweeters on the original speakers. Thinking they were just at the end of the read, I bought some used old Cerwin Wega's from work (not sure the model -- they say U123 High energy design on the back). Sounded good, then a few songs into a round of drumming, I blew the tweeters on these too. I thought they could handle loud volumes, but like I said I don't know much about audio. So is it the receiver that is blowing the tweeters. A friend said he has some old fisher speakers that he can lend me, but I don't want to blow these too. I have heard that under powering speakers can damage them? I cannot find the specs for my Kenwood. Should I try for another receiver? I need a very loud sound and don't need quality (sorry that probably made a lot of people cringe here ;-) ) So I guess I am wondering if the Kenwood is the reason for blowing the tweeters on both sets of speakers at these high volumes. Not sure I want to try a third set of speakers. So if it is a problem with the receiver, could anyone recommend a very cheap receiver that I can use to play at very loud volumes or have any other suggestions?

Thanks for any help and sorry for the length of the post.

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I'm betting you're clippin' your gear and blowin' your speakers. Not enough current for the volumes that you prefer. The old Kenwood ain't gettin' it.

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at volumes like that, I would recomend no less than a decent integrated amp. A reciever will not cut it unless you are using high efficiency speakers (IE: klipsch)

for the record, klipsch usually sound trashy with poor quality electronics, so drive them properly.

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I would agree with Gavin if the speakers are indeed that large and heavy - if you can use an Ohm meter to measure the resistance it would give you an idea of what type of amplifier will work with the speakers.

If the resistance never drops below 6 Ohms you shouldn't have any problem using a receiver to give the speakers some decent power. I'm of the opinion that Kenwood amps belong in cars - their receivers don't use decent power supplies and can barely handle an 8 Ohm load, at least from what I've seen and read of them.

If the resistance is lower than 6 Ohms, the selection of receivers does dwindle considerably, but unless the speakers are dipping to 2 Ohms, seperate power amps may not be necessary.

If you keep the Kenwood, keep the volume down or add a stereo power amplifier or a couple of these -

Otherwise buy a receiver that can output more than 30W RMS.


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Thanks for the replies everybody, much appreciated. I suspected I was asking too much of the receiver. I just couldn't find it's specs anywhere, but regardless I was probably still pushing it too high. So I won't go ahead and try to blow a third pair! I tried headphones before and they just didn't fit the bill. I might try a more powerful reciver and keep the Kenwood for normal listening levels. Thanks again everybody.

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Ed; turn the bass knob to center detent. Turn the loudness button "off" Keep the volume below 1:00 on the volume and ya should be ok. Need louder? By more power. Lots more. Like double what you now have. Or more.
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