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So, I narrowed it down to either buying the Denon 3805 or the 2805. There is a place in town that does sell these but they said the prices are controled by Denon and are not negotiable (or maybe just a ouch off). I noticed that many non-authorized dealers are on the internet and eBay selling either b-stock, refurbs or new items but they do not have a warranty through Denon. My question is, is it worth paying the extra 25% to get the two year warranty from Denon or better to buy it new from a non-authorized dealer and roll the dice?

Anyone have any specific recommendations on where to buy these receivers?

Thanks for your help.


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I've had Denon dealers tell me that same thing -- that Denon controls the prices and for that reason they cannot discount or they'll get into trouble with Denon. Some time ago, I telephoned Denon's U.S. office in New Jersey and asked about this policy. A fellow in Denon's marketing department insisted that Denon authorized dealers are free to charge whatever they want. I suspect that the truth is somewhere in between -- that Denon strongly encourages their dealers to stay as close to MSRP as they can.

As recently as two weeks ago, I went to two Denon dealers within 40 miles of where I live. One dealer offered me 11% off of MSRP for an AVR-2805. The other offered closer to 15% off. Perhaps you should try another authorized dealer.

Opinions vary on buying from unauthorized dealers. I've read too many horror stories on the Internet told by folks who purchased from unauthorized dealers for me to take that chance.

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there are some guys here that would insist that most dealers are willing to make some discount on their products. is an authorized dealer of HK and yet they sell the 3480 at $300 , $200 lower than msrp. i think for most things prices can be negotiated, car prices are often negotiable with the exception of some companies like BMW or Mercedes. i would see if you can find another dealer or make a compromise with the dealer. you can get online with no warranty or any real costumer service cheaper, or pay alittle more for their service and the factory warranty for an in between price.

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I believe dealers are more likely to discuss discounts if they believe: 1) You are a serious customer and ready to buy; 2) You are likely to be a repeat customer; and 3) You can and will get the same product elsewhere for a lesser amount. At times, the generosity of their discount is directly proportional to your shopping list, i.e., the more you buy, the bigger the percentage of discount. Also, sometimes it helps to deal directly with the store manager or owner.

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The guy selling the Denon is full of 'it'. Jim has some valid points.

If you're serious about buying, make them an offer to 'buy today' and ask for 25% off. With any negotiation skills, you'll walk away with your new Denon saving about 20%. They need to know 2 things.....
1. you're definitely ready to buy today.
2. they definitely need to shave the price to make that happen.
If you cover both points.....guaranteed, it will happen.

They wont offer or even mention discounted prices if they dont think you're serious about buying 'today'.

If they wont do it, be prepared to WALK. If you arent prepared, your negotiation probably wasnt convincing enough anway to get the deal.

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Paul mentions THE KEY to successful price negotiation: you must be prepared to walk. And with the number of retail resources, both brick and mortar and internet, there is no reason to accept an unusually high price for most consumer equipment.

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They can discount if they want. I got my 2200 at discount from a local authorized dealer.
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