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Dear Sirs

Malaria kills at least 3000 children a day and up to 6000 people a day in Africa and Asia.

Passing 50 to 100 microamperes of simple d.c. electrical current through infected blood disables the pathogens and stops it reproducing it was discovered in 1992.

It also works on a broad range of other viruses/bacteria including Hep-A,B,C and also quite importantly for Malaria.You may know malaria is becoming increasingly drug resistant.

See trial study for Malaria at the end below.

Research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461 in New York

The current of 0.0003 to 0.001 amps is passed through electrodes of size 0.5 cm by 2 cm located over wrist artery pulse points on each wrist or same wrist.
The current direction may be reversed every 3 or 4 minutes.

Remember it is simple electrical current nothing else that disable the virii/pathogens.In the case of the virii the electrical current stops it reproducing by altering the outer protein layer of the pathogen and the bodys immune system removes the remaining viruses.

The level of the current is very low, 0.025 amps is required to electrocute a person.

These devices only use 0.0003 amps to 0.001 amps maximum.This is much less than a Tens device.

1 microampere is 0.000001 amps.

The practical device to neutralise Malaria inside the body consists of two 0.5cm by 2cm long electrodes wrapped in wet cotton or alternatively conductive foam attached to wrist pulse points or other major artery points and then a direct current of 300 microamperes to 1000 microamperes is passed through the electrodes and then through the blood.

(0.3 Milliamps to 1 Milliamps MAX to allow for losses through the skin. 1 milliamp=0.001 amps)

The current maybe adjusted to suit the condition or individuals. These electrodes are simply taped to the wrist artery or other pulse points where large volumes of blood are flowing.

It is important to use these particular electrode dimensions as the current density must be maintained at 4 to 9 microamperes per square millimetre of electrode.

The higher currents near 1 milliamp produce more rapid results.

Every 5 minutes the current direction is reversed to prevent possible electrolysis.The voltage required to drive this current is from 20 to 40 volts max depending on skin resistance.

Four 9 volt batteries in series would be sufficent.In poorer countries three 12 volt car batteries can be used in series. Mains adapters can also be used.

Application times vary from 20 minutes to up to an hour or more daily depending on condition.

At Beck-n-Stuff and Microelectricitygermkiller a number of private individuals have tried it for a number of viral/bacterial conditions including , Malaria, Cfs, lymphomas and other Cancers with excellent results backed up by blood tests have submitted reports.

The devices are very easy to make yourself and instructions are included at the links below.

Also remember many cancers are caused by virii, bacteria and fungi and parasites as well as genetic and environmental reasons.

http://www.papimi.gr/safe-hiv/AppendixE.htm <---full research paper

http://www.excel.net/~jaguar/experiments.html <---abbreviated paper

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/microelectricitygermkiller/ <----how to make devices yourself.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Beck-n-stuff/ <---user groups of electromed

More general information can be found by typing 'BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION' or 'BECK PROTOCOL'
in web browser.

......recently concluded a small trial we conducted in conjunction
with a medical doctor in Nigeria.

....we relie on doctors who have been exposed to the BECK Protocol to
approach us about conducting a study. MALARIA

A Medical Doctor in Nigeria contacted us in 2001 asking if the blood
electrification aspect of the BECK Protocol was effective against
Malaria. We told him we didn't know but it could be. We sent him a
unit to try on one person who was willing to try it and whose life
would not be put into danger by trying it. About two months later we
heard back from him--the units had been effective with malaria in 5
out of 6 people.

Then we began the long journey (almost eighteen months) of putting
together a proper small trial study. The Nigerian government gave us
a letter of support. Unfortunately due to cultural differences
everything took a lot longer to accomplish. We learned much about
patience. In the end, we decided to stop the study prematurely (we
were originally hoping to have 60 people included in the trial). When
we stopped the trial, 37 people had been enrolled. Stopping
prematurely meant that several of them had not finished the protocol
or the testing. Another limitation was the fact once people tested
negative for malaria, they no longer returned to complete testing and
lab work (they were well so why keep returning to the doctor).

Of the 37 people, 12 were women and 25 were men. The age range was
from 18 to 38. Subjects were either asymptomatic or symptomatic with
malaria. We were unable to test the protocol on individual's with
resistant malaria cases. The type of malaria was P. Falciparum, known
to be the worst strain.

Blood Electrification was administered daily for one hour until lab
work showed negative for malaria. Each person was to be tested for
malaria on days 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28.

Only 8 people completed all the testing. Of these 7 tested negative
for malaria and 1 still tested for malaria.

14 people completed the blood electrification and tested negative,
but they did not complete all of the lab work subsequent to testing

11 people didn't finish the protocol due to the study being stopped.
Of these 11, all of their malaria loads were reduced, but not

3 people's records weren't complete so we cannot use the details.

1 person was removed from the study before beginning because they
also had typhoid and due to the parameters of the study they could
not be included with the study.

An important note is that the majority of people testing negative
showed negative between day 3 and day 7 testing. Also, virtually
everyone had a significant reduction or elimination of symptoms on
day 3.

This study is by no means conclusive, however we feel it has given us
some good information as to the possible effectiveness of blood
electrification as per Bob Beck with malaria. We are very much
interested in continuing the research in this area, and are doing our
best at finding funds that may be available to us now that we have an
indication of the effectiveness.
We have other research projects that are in the beginning
administrative stages. Once completed we will release the information.


SOTA has also been donating units to a few organizations in Africa.
One such group operates out of remote villages in South Africa. They
have approximately 90 health care workers that go out into the
villages, trying to help people. SOTA sent them several units to use
in the villages. We have not had a lot of info back from them...you
can imagine how difficult communication is between third world
conditions in these villages and our ultra-modern society. However
the info back we get always touches our hearts. We are planning on
sending a unit for each of their health care workers so that they
will be able to help more individiuals. We have recently designed a
unit for those in economically poor countries so they can afford what
we consider the most important part of the BECK Protocol--blood

We have been told that people in the villages line up to use the
units. The blood electrification units have to be shared and so go on
to the next worker in another village. Unfortunately this means the
treatment gets stopped prematurely in each village. For this reason
we are going to send one unit per heatlh care worker.

Its vital to remember that malaria kills more people than news fashionable diseases like Aids or Sars.

These devices are very simple to make and very low cost.Many people can be treated at the same time.No complicated drugs with side effects are involved.I urge you to investigate and pursue this and to conduct your own experiments to satisfy yourself.

Perhaps support could be invited from Bill Gates or Richard Branson and other media celebrities.

Many people in this forum will have contacts in Microsoft and maybe with Bill Gates and could advise him to focus on this ultra low cost non drug based method.Remember its broad spectrum and not confined to Malaria.

I urge the people reading this to study this and save the information or webpage and pass it on to young bright biophysics student groups for further study if they cant do anything themselves.

You should get a student group or a close associate to do the preliminary experiments/trials and then proceed full steam ahead.

Full instructions on how to make the simple low cost blood electrification devices are included in the above urls.Remember blood electrification can be applied to other conditions too as well as malaria. Some people state they feel much better after using blood electrification due to a lower virial load in the blood.

I hope you will respond to this email and help the many people suffering and dying in Africa and Asia.

The point of this information is for you to further study and implement the findings and start saving lives.

Dr E. Callum
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