Building speaker system but what power amp do i need?


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hello everybody, how you all doing?, heres my plan.

2 speakers, each with the following:

4 x tweeters - ( 50W RMS, 120W PEAK, 4 Ohms )
2 x 6x9s - ( 50W RMS, 200W PEAK, 4 Ohms )
1 x SUB - ( 250W RMS, 1000W PEAK, 4 Ohms )

((( so thats 8 tweeters, 4 6x9s and 2 subs in total )))

im going to build these as I want something to last me a very long time (potentially forever).

Now then, how do i work out what power amp i need to power these speakers once built?

I plan to wire the tweeters and 6x9s in 'Series' with the SUB connected in 'parallel'. (is that the best option for this setup?)

As you can probably tell, I need spoon-feeding on this subject so any information you can shed on this would be fantastic.

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Lawrence, if you run the 6x's in series, you won't be driving them off the amp after the first pair. You'll be driving them off the preceding pair which is not an ideal output impedence and is constantly fluctuating. Not a good idea. Is this for home or car use?

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heh, well it was like i was in a sweetshop when i had the idea of building me own speakers. ive come to the conclusion its too much hard work doing it from scratch when ye know nothing about it so i gonna get meself a pre-configured kit that the shop has put together so i cant fail.

cheers tho paul :-)
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