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Steve Dawe
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I have a JVC receiver with an 8 - 16 ohm impedance and have Quest tower speakers with a 6 ohm impedance rating. Can this work? Will I wreck anything? I have them set up and running, sound good, no problems, but worried about over stressing the amp. Do I have anything to worry about? Please help anyone . . .

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Don't worry about the setup you have Steve. Many 8Ohm rated recievers will drive 6 and even 4 Ohm speakers provided that they are of a decent sensitivity 90dbl or higher- this is very important. With an entry to mid fi receiver stay away from low impedence low sensitivity speakers like the Polk RTi series that are 4Ohm and low sensitivity 88dbl. Don't misunderstand me the Polks are a great speaker but speakers with these specs will spell trouble for most receivers except for "flagship" models and are power hungry and thus best driven by an strong amp. E. Ramsey AAS industrial electronics

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hi, yes im a female, i have a small stereo system, ive hooked up the speakers but i have another wire red and black, where do they go? also there is a rectangular thing about 6" by 4" with like a round thing attached with holes to hang i think, and a wire attached with a little white plug on the end, what is this and how do i hook it up? thanks

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Sounds like your radio antennaes. There should be a female-end plug on your stereo for it.
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