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Hi, I'm a first time poster who is converting my basement into a man lair. Well part time man lair anyway. The room is about 13X30 with an 8 ft. ceiling, carpet, not too much furniture, a beer tap and a small amount of electric guitar gear. I recently picked up an NAD C352 which is currently powering some B&W DM305 speakers. My music collection is fairly diverse,a lot of classic to alt rock, jazz, country, funk & soul, classical(mostly 20th century and avant garde stuff). I assume I'll be wanting floor standers,although I don't really know why. I'm going to check out the KEF Q5s, NHT ST4's and Monitor Audio S6's locally. I've heard of the Ohm microwalsh which sounds interesting. Any input would be welcome.

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Awesome amp...I'm envious!

Floorstanders---have great visual and SPL oomph, but if you prefer more accuracy and finesse from your music, you may want to look into getting a quality sub with a pair of high quality midsize bookshelves on good quality speaker stands.

If over say 60% of the music you listen to is classical you may want to consider the Magnepan MMGs---normally these bring out major WAF issues but since it's a "man lair" you're lucky enough to have that's a non-issue. Just make sure you use them with a sub.

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Let me just link my thread Quad Electrostatic Loudspeaker 63. "Find a good dealer" is always good advice, and should not be a problem in SF. I agree with Edster about Magenpan MMGs. Whether a sub adds anything to those may depend on the size of the room.
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