Harman Kardon or Bose??


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I am in a dilemma... I have been searching for a new surround sound for my room for quite some time now (about 6 months). I've looked at many different reviews about HK and Bose but I'm still undecided. I'm pretty sure that I found the reciever i want (HK AVR335) but Im still a little unsure about the speakers. Right now I'm deciding between the following:

Harman Kardon HKTS 14
Bose AM 6
Bose AM 10

My room is about 15x15. If anyone has any suggestions of which of these are better, or if i should go with something else, then please help. I want to spend around $1000-1500 total on the stereo. I'm in the Army and stationed in Germany so I dont have access to stores like Best Buy, so returning speakers is pretty much out of the question so i want to make sure the system i buy is the right one. Please help!!!

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None of the above. I don't know what is available where you are but if that is it, you'd be better off with headphones.

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There isnt really anything here, everything i purchase is online. So if a product is sold online, I can buy it! Please give suggestions.

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CBM-170s all around.

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Green Mountain Audio Europa's are the best speakers in the world. If you dnt buy them, youre mising the artists intent, period. Anyone who doesnt have these speakrs may as well just not cnosider themselves a real audiophile.

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maui, did u even read the original posters post? he is looking for surround sound at the price bracket not two speakers. the GMAs look like awesome speakers but i doubt the original poster is thinking about buying those. stop popping your head in with irrelevant suggestions.
pfcbaxa13, i would go with the ascends. i was going to suggest fluance which is much cheaper, but they dont ship overseas so it would do you no good. do you already have a reciever or is the budget including the reciever also?

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Ascend Acoustics, Axiom, and Aperion. The AAA of online speakers. They all seem to get pretty good press. I would try the Ascends first.

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In Germany you can probably find British speakers which are pretty good.

However I have to second Arthur, you'd be better off with headphones than Bose speakers...ugh! Even the HK speakers are probably going to be slightly better than Bose.

Just make sure you budget for a good subwoofer, I'd say at least $300-500 for SVS or Hsu, can't go wrong with either of those.

The HK335 is beautiful and nice-sounding but a bit pricey...I'd look into the Pioneer 1014 (around $400 stateside) and the all-digital JVC RX-F10 ($230 if needed.

With the Ascend speakers make sure you get the 340 center channel, the left front and right front you can make do with the 170s if budget demands it, the surround speakers you can go cheap with some Polk R15s for around $100 a pair here. Of course if you can afford 170s all around plus receiver plus subwoofer then all the better.

All the prices I've listed are not counting international shipping, don't know how much that would add. But overall when I was living in Europe I thought electronics there were obscenely overpriced by at least 50%. Being in the military I hope you won't have to worry about paying duties/custom when ordering online.

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I agree with Edster922, stay away from Bose...
but I disagree with the receiver H.K. is the way to go.

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I agree with all of the above, except the continued annoying comments about Green Mountain. I can't really find GMA any more exceptional than higher end PSB, B&W, Monitor, etc. I've heard about every two way on the market including GMA, and the only thing I can tell is I'd rather have my maggies. Actually the best two way cone speaker I've every heard was a pair of JMLabs Utopias followed by Wilson.

Axiom and Ascend both build systems 'light-years' beyond Bose and their AccustoMuck boxes, which is the worst sounding crud I've ever heard. I'd look at the HT packages both companies put out because you can't go wrong with either.

I'm neutral on HK.

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Maui, you're priceless! All along, I thought you were serious. It turns out, you're just an unregistered prankster jerkin' peoples' chains.

You go, man! Fight the power.
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