To Buy or Not to Buy..Is the question


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Iam being offered Sanyo PLV-Z1 and Da-lite Model C projector screen 119" diagonal for $1800. Seller bought the projector in early '04, Please advise! This is my first ever venture into Home Theatre!

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Also got the following offer (used) need advice:

Marntz SR5300 - $559
Sanyo PLV-Z1 - $1495
Panasonic DVD CP72 - $200
Paradigm Speakers -
CC-170 Center - $170
Atom Bookshelf(4) - $400
PS series 10inc Sub - $579
Da-lite Model C 119 inc Diagonal - $456
Sony RMAV 3000 RC - $115
Monster Cables - $300
C Mounts and Misc wiring - $200

Would appreciate advice as Iam novice! Thanks

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I hope those are Canadian dollars because if not somebody's trying to gouge you big time, even if those were brand NEW items not used.

First thing to ditch is $500 for Monster Cables, C-mounts and misc. wiring...take out one of the zeros, then add maybe $100 for the C mounts.

You can get a brand new, latest model Marantz 5500 for $600 shipped from

A Panny, Sony, Toshiba or Pioneer basic DVD player shouldn't cost you more than $50-80.

You can get a better projector and screen for less brand new, do a search for the Infocus 4805.

Who's trying to rip you off so badly, an Enron accountant?

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Thanks edster922, Its definitely not canadian $ but for sure an Ex enronian!! this forum is totally worth it!!

I did a some research yesterday, I found Infocus Screenplay5000 Proj. pretty darn good, whats ur opinion about it and would also appreciate ur feedback about "Rotel Rsx-1056" vs "NAD T742".... my viewing would be 95% Movies, maybe 5% music!

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"I did 'a' some research yesterday" - sorry for the grammer!

Rotel RSX-1056 without question.

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Don't know about the 5000 but the 4805 is widely touted as THE quality projector at a bargain price, usually $1000-1300.

Rotel and NAD are two brands that are outside of my checkbook but by all accounts stellar---the thing is, with 95% movies you'll do just fine with a cheap Onkyo 601 or 602 which should go for around $300.

It's music that really justifies spending more, HT is pretty easy to do on the cheap.

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Thanks Edster..Iam gonna be a pro pretty soon reg. HT ;-)
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