Got NAD320BEE, looking to match speakers


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Wondering if any wise souls could give me some input on what speakers would match well w/ my NAD320BEE. I'm looking to spend at most $500. I've been considering paradigm mini monitors, B&W601s3, and possibly axiom m22tis. any other ideas or opinions on these speakers. other speaker suggestions? thanks.

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Paradigm studio 20 is a cut above.

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Hopefully this message isn't to late!

Energy Speaker Systems C-3s. They are right on target with your budget and you'll be hard pressed to find better at the price. I've got a pair of C-5s (the one step up) on a NAD C370 and it's a great combination!

Don't confuse Energy Speakers with Acoustic Energy.

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paradigm's with their metal dome tweeters are a good choice as mentioned. budget missions (especially m series) are a good choice too.

the worst choice would be any warmish sounding speakers. NAD & NHT superzeros are a terrible match. the combination sounds downright muffled. i wouldn't recommend nad for speakers with soft dome tweeters. budget missions are a little bit on the bright side though.

b&w speakers with metal domes would also be an excellent match. i can't remember the series, but b&w made a fairly conventional $1000 bookshelf speaker with a super evtended treble that would perk warmish and polite nad amplification right up.

if possible, try to audition speakers with your amplification first hand.

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I'm using B&W 602 S3 with 320BEE, and have no regrets :-) at all !!

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The current NHT SB-series (SB1, SB2, SB3) all have metal tweeters. They aren't as laid-back as the old SuperZero/SuperOne speakers with silk domes. That said, they still may have an overly lush sound for some.

Also, since these are acoustic suspension (sealed box), they are not as efficient as most of the reflex (ported) speakers, such as the B&W 600-series.

I have a bedroom rig consisting of C320BEE and SB3. I find this setup to be very enjoyable- although, the SB3 is a fairly difficult speaker to drive and those who listen primarily to orchestral and rock may want more dynamics and openness.

I think a PSB Image B25 would also be a good match. That was the other speaker I seriously considered.

Lastly, I would mention not all silk dome tweeters are laid back. I listened to a System Audio bookshelf and to me, it sounded rather forward in the treble.

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B&W DM 602 S3 and DM 303 are a good match to my ears. I have to disagree with budget minded comments about warm speakers with warm NAD amps - its simply not true! The 320BEE and 352 are not "that" warm, so to say that you should not use soft dome tweeters is pap sorry!! It's misleading to folks. Ive listned to soft dome equipped speakers with the NAD system that have sounded "brighter" than the B&W's. The differences in budget amps at this price level are quite small, much smaller than the differences in speakers. You really should listen to speakers, and not buy what other people recommend!


What price are Quad 11l's where you are. They will go really well with your NAD amp and tonally they are both quite neutral sounding items with the NAD leaning a bit towards the warm side. They also look an absolute treat with their piano gloss finish.

If you can accommodate something a bit larger and a tad more expensive then I would seriously consider a pair of Magneplanar MMG's direct from Magnepan. These are neutral speakers so you'll have no issues with matching to your amp i.e. no excessive brightness or no muddy/muffled sound. Your NAD amp will have just about enough juice to get these babies going and if you are concerned about buying without hearing them first then rest assured they come with a 60 day trial period.

Either of these speakers will help you get the most from your C320BEE.


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Try Tannoy Fusion 2 (bookshelf) or Fusion 4 (floorstander)

For a little higher end you can also try Sensys DC2.



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Here's some suggestions:

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1
B&W DM600 or DM601S3 (I prefer the 600)
I think Totem Dreamcatchers are around that price on your side of the pond aren't they? Well worth a look.


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I have a pair of Polk Rti38s (out of production) with my 320BEE and they sound fine.
The EPOS Els3 as Frank mentioned, or the newer M5s would be nice as well..

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i totally forgot to say


NAD is one of the few budget amps that can safely handle 4 ohm loads and maggies are incredibly detailed yet totally uncolored.

they sound much less like speakers than even more expensive B&Ws do. maggies have no box resonances at all, are lightning fast throughout all frequencies, move alot of air in the midrange and totally kick butt on vocals. they sound extremely flat and are only polite in the lowest bass and highest treble from the listen to i gave $1000 pair of 1.2s.

now i lust over $600 MMGs which are listed as having more treble extension with some more bass rolloff, but i like bass rolloff, have a sub already and think that maggie speed and detail in the bass makes up for a little rolloff. basslines sound clearer.

definaly give maggies a listen to before you buy to see if you like their sound. i was a dyed in the wool "acoustic suspension minimonitor" fan until i heard maggie freedom from distortions.
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