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What do you people think about the 901, 301 and 201 speakers from Bose? Compared to other brands, and to Boses acoustimass systems...

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Bose = triumph of MASSIVE advertising hype and OBSCENE price gouging over any real substantiative quality whatsoever. Designed for people who buy the hype and who assume that they're getting what they're paying (through the nose) for.

Generally you can get far better quality for far less money with any number of other brands, including mass-market ones like JBL, Polk, and Infinity. If you're willing to do some research and legwork you will do even better with lesser known brands like Paradigm, Triangle, PSB, etc. and especially with Internet-direct speakers like Ascend, Axiom, Swan, etc.

And the Acoustimass systems are particularly a joke, whatever you do don't go anywhere near them except to laugh at how crappy they sound for the money.

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It is amazing they can have that much success selling a product like that. It just goes to show that ignorance is bliss.

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edster said it all, I can add nothing but to agree whole heartedly.

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As far as direct-marketing brands, I'd say Axiom is good quality. But if you're looking for a home theatre surround system - may I humbly suggest that you go to the "Orb" speaker web site, and read about this new line of speakers. I've ordered a pair for my surrounds, but can't review them until they arrive! BTW, they'll be paired with B&W 705 mains and a NAD 763 receiver, so they have to live up to some quality gear. My wife loves the look (WAF a most important element) because, on the thin stands we have, they will not add bulk to the room.
Two camps of audiophiles: those who believe the small surrounds can do a good job, and those who insist on larger, full-range speakers. Your choice. . .
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