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I am a moran I have a very old (13 year old ) technics cd player(SL-P370) & a Technics turn table(SL-Q350) both I recently aquired, the cd player may or may not work, and the turntable works fine, I have 4 speakers that have no end connecting, plugs I would like to no how to connect all these thing together, I know that I would need a reciever. Thank You very much.

Dear anon,

It sounds like you speaker wires (cables) are directly connected to your speakers and open or bare on the receiver end. If this is the case, you won't need a high end receiver to opperate them because a high end unit can not be justified. However, it really depends on what you want out of your system. If you want to get into home theater, you'll need a nicer unit with more options. If you simply want to match your speakers, turntable, and cd player, you can get quite affordable units. When you purchase your receiver, ask the sales people to show you one set up so you can see how it is hooked up. Be mindful that many of the receivers do NOT have phono inputs. You can get around this on many units but may need an adapter (about 40 bucks). Before anyone can really give you good advice, they will need to know the power handling capability of your speakers, your intentions, and budget for the system. By the way, there are no stupid questions. Stupidity is acquiring pieces and not asking for help and letting them sit on a shelf unused. I have seen a lot of good advice in these threads - many people do this for a living. I do it because I love music. Best of luck!

I want to hook up an amp I have all the wires and the amp is it posible?

2 a regular house aiwa cd/cassete player boombox

It is possible to connect from the aiwa's phone jack to amps cassete input. Radio shack has connecting cables - explain what you want to do, and they will find the cable.

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cambridge audio azur 540 and 640c review.
my system consists of a marantz pm84 markII
amp celestion sl600 speakers with cables and
stands to match. i bought them from a friend
who upgraded but what i paid for them gives
me 10 times the sound i would get buying new
hifi for the same price. as for the cd player
i borrowed my frieds marantz cd94 for a night
and realised why people can listen to music
they wouldnt even be slightly interested in
all night long, and heard things i never new
wer on the disc and be able to hear instruments
sound real! which is an exsperience well worth
paying for. the cd player i own is still waiting
to join them as i'v waisted time listing to the
ars* wind! i'v heard about the cambridge audio azur
series. the cd540 was my fist mistake... i got it
home read the blag about it needing 36 hours to
warm up sat back and listend to a 200 pound cd player!
end of. it was way out of its league! my cable cost
more! so i traded it in for a 640c which i'v read
is as good as most 500 pound machines. after warming
up my system it sounded instantly better than
the 540 but, so what! my ring hole! it sounds
like a 500 pound machine, i'm just thinking of
a word with best destribes it?.......boring!
true it has sound quality true it never sounds
brash or harsh but no wounder! its dull! it
sounds like someone has put cotton wool in your
ears! dont waist your time all hifi sounds better
after a long warm up and this leach! (the 640 will
use your amp and speakers for all its worth! peanuts!
just get what you pay for.

Please, help me, although this forum is not for cd recorders. I want buy a audio cd recorder, because I don't like the sound of computer burned cd's. I want know of those two decks, what is the best at doing accurate cd copies (COPIES VIRTUALLY INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM THE SOURCE CD). I know that PIONEER has more smart features like FADE IN/FADE OUT, possibility of add post gaps if you desire, possibility of insert ID to skip tracks you don't want to listen, etc. However, although I like those features, I want know which do better cd copies and which is bettter at tracks access speed(from the first track to the last of a disc), and also which is more quiet during the read of a cd(internal mechanisms noises).The two models of cd recorders are: PHILIPS CDR-800 AND PIONEER PDR-W839. Which is better? Thanks.
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