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Hello all! Been browsing the site and first off all congrats to everyone who runs this site it really is great.

Now to the question.

This is my first home theater setup and im looking for input, potential problems, praise, just general advice. I am 16 years old, and am getting a very good job where within one year i will be able to make around 5,000 (summer and weekends). I want to put all of this into a home theater. I realize i am going to college so dorm room space will be a decision in this.

Mostly I will be watching lots of movies (action, sci-fi, fantasy, independant, some comidies) And listening to a large variety of music (rock, jazz, alternative, classical, techno, emo-core, classic rock, some R&B) so I want something that can not only handle just turning some rock 'up to 11' but also not make me cringe when im listening to some violin strings (also probably louder than I should).

5.1 or 7.1 system.
TV, DVD, VCR, Reciever, and Speakers must cost ~5,000 with tax S&H etc.
Want to spend <1,000 on the TV, DVD, and VCR, but still have component in and digital out

My Speaker Setup will probably be one of the following:

2 Bookshelf, 2 Floorstanding, Powered Sub, Center
or 4 Bookshelf, Powered Sub, Center
or 7.1 (add 2 Bookshelf)

Currently I'm settled on a Denon Reciever AVR 5803, 4803, or 3803 and JBL Northridge Series Speakers, A Sony 27" Wega, Panasonic XP-50 DVD player, and Panasonic PV-VS4821 VCR.

I am also looking at Paradigm, Axiom, Energy, Psb, and Mirage speaker systems. I am open to unknown brands but I am more cautious against them (unless more than a couple of people are raving about them).

Personal experiences with these brands are greatly appreciated, especially on choosing the right reciever. Looks play absolutely no part in the system but I do want to keep matching speakers (and if possible matching subs).

Well, that's all I can think of for now, that you in advance.

lol, sorry but I'm in college and have visited many dorm facitities(East coast/mid-west) and I would never set up a HT in one. Many reasons like space, roommates, hall monitering(fines), and unpredicitbity, setting up a $5000 system is not a good idea. If you really want a HT I would get one and then leave it at home for the first 2 years then when you move into an apartment bring it over.

I'm not sure how your computer knowledge is but for dorms use your computer. Good soundcard, good Speaker package, DVD-rom, and a tuner card, should work alot better.

This site seems to have alot more people with higher end audio equipment.

Going with very low cost choices for TV and DVD is a wise choice since HDTV is evolving rather fast at the moment. Right now from what I've read there is no perfect HDTV at the moment, as they all have problems. But in 2 or 3 years there will be alot of better products out there, which seems to conicide pretty well with when you'll get out of the dorms.

All and all I would put maybe $1000 aside to start saving for a large TV and good DVD in a few years, putting alittle in at a time. hopefully getting around $3000 which should get you some really good equipment. As for Audio I don't think it's evolving quite as fast, so you can be pretty safe getting a really good system now.

KP27FV310 $650 Sony 27 inch Wega with requested component inputs
DVP-NC685 $250 5-Disc Sony DVD Progresive with SACD and MP3(you won't benefit from Progressive yet but SACD will sound awsome)
HR-S3911U $130 S-VHS JVC

Even the AVR3803 is overkill for a dorm room but if you want it for long into the future it will do fine for almost anything.

Oh boy the Monitor Audio Silver 6 is awsome at $1000 a pair, Matching center at $600 and Silver 1 for $500 and a RW12 Klipsch sub at $700
I will have a second option later, one more appropriate to the dorm environment and not a full theater for pissing off the neighbors

Or enjoy this, I would

Good point, Warder. That's probably the idea im going for - since I wont be going home very often, maybe I should just get a pc with nice speakers until i move into an apartment then buy the HT.

As for computers I could spend some of the cash on a nice SFF pc like that new mega(i have built pcs before btw). I do have a major problem with computer speakers, maybe because ive been using low-end ones so far but they are made for people listening in an immediate area (i think its like a direct line soundstage) and their bass is way too muddled. Another problem i have with a Pc is the quality of text on the TV (which i would use as a monitor) and that I would probably want it to be a gaming pc too so I'd end up spending more than I wanted...

Looking into the Silver speakers and Klipsch sub now, and looking forward to a smaller dorm room type system.

So now its going to be either a smaller dorm appropriate system, or a HTPC.

BTW any recommendations on online realtors sites for the best buys or used equipment? I read somewhere used equipment if made by a respectable company has no difference in sound between it an a new speaker, but costs less than half the original price. Is this true?

Much thanks to all
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