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I am new to Home Theater and set-up of my Denon Avr-3300. Able to receive digital audio through optical out from my Samsung set-top box. Question though regarding Sony dvd/cd player. I have it connected both by optical and with left/right rca cords. Audio plays but on Auto receiver setting - shows as analog, not digital. Have not played dvd yet but do recall reading someone saying what a difference they noticed when playing cd's on the 3300 when they switched to optical as opposed to standard left/right patch cords. Should cd audio be received as digital? With regard to digital audio being received from over the air transmission - is it normal for there to be strong bias towards the front and center channels (as opposed to surrounds) when receiving Dolby Pro Logic, etc.? Or is this just a matter of adjustment?


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Since you have optical cables, pitch the RCAs. That way, you'll always get the best possible sound regardless of source. There is no use for the inferior L/R RCAs if you have optical cables set up.

Since you have optical hookups in use, run one from your DVD directly into your receiver, and the same from your HDSat Box, and that is all the connections you need. It will work just fine with CDs too. You can then use your receiver menus to play music in whichever format you prefer. IE....2 to 7 channel stereo.

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The rear level on Prologic varies. Some sources have very little, some a lot. And, of course, old films may only have stereo or mono.

I usually set the volume of the rears so that the title music on 'The Simpsons' sounds balanced!

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Bardot Writes:
"Should CD Audio Be Received as Digital?"
This is been discussed in a few places on this board so do poke around for those threads.

To answer your question as a Yes or No is a bit difficult. First of all, it sounds like in this case you are using your Sony DVD/CD player as your player for the CDs (i.e. you don't have a dedicated CD-player). You didn't mention what model of Sony player you had but to be honest, I'm guessing it doesn' have a very good built in DAC (Digital-to-Analogue-Converter). In that case you will probably want to use your DAC in the Denon receiver as it is probably of higher qualtiy. Therefore, yes, the digital connection probably sounds better (and personally I'm a fan of Coax digital rather than Optical).

Essentially the basic rule is this: which ever device has the better quality DAC, use it to convert the signal to Analogue.

For example I own a NAD T753 Receiver, which has a decent dac in it -- better than in my DVD player; but not as good as in my CD player. So I use the DAC in my cd player and connect it via regular RCA cables to the receiver. Meanwhile my DVD player is hooked up digitally.

The bottom line: For each component in your system, listen to it both ways and decide which way sounds better and then hook it up that way.

Good luck and enjoy your new equipment!

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Afterthought: oh -- regarding digital audio over air, if you want surround sound from that you'll most likely have to hook it up via a digital feed to your receiver unless you have 5.1 analog outs and ins on both devices. Having said that your dac in the denon will be better on your Sat box so I'd go with a digital connection there too. Again, I'm not a fan of the optical cables because they can affect sound quality as the digital signal is converted to light pulses and back at each end.

I just opened a can of worms there though, this thread will probably turn into a debate over which type of connection is better. I'm not trying to start that. I'm just trying to give you my opinion!

Again -- listen to both and see what you like.

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Hello Guys:
thnx for the input.
Was satisfied many years just to run my Denon early model a/v receiver hooked up to two healthy ADS (then called)bookshelf speakers. Perhaps today they would be considered robust versions of bookshelf, etc. Just bought a Mirage Nanosat 5.1 system and reluctant to let the ADS speakers go - so I included them in the surround firmament (there's an audio term). with the denon 3300 can use two different sets of surrounds or both sets together. Which is what I have been doing - though to be honest, I have to approach the speakers to be sure they are playing something. Anemic surround .. In closing - this stuff may be elementary to you guys, but it does get involved for the casual line connector. I've got patch cords out the wazzoo while trying to keep the "something must be wrong with my receiver" bugaboo at a distance. If I start to hear any melody out of our toaster will know I've gone too far.
Thanks again - and I do appreciate the info.

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