Subwoofer Cable


Erik Rogers
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Quick question for everybody. My sub has both a Left and Right input. I know that I can just run a single cable to the left and it will still work but how much of a difference will it make? Is it important to still split the signal to a L and R?

Unregistered guest
This is like the debate over fancy cables or bi-wiring speakers: lots of conflicting testimonials but no clear cut scientific evidence it makes any real difference.

However, buying a little Y-adapter is dirt cheap ($5 or so) so I figured what the hell and got one, not sure if I can hear much of a difference but if there is and I'm just too deaf to notice then I suppose this should score some points with any particularly hearing-sensitive people that ever come over and listen to my system, LOL.

J. Vigne
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By feeding both L&R inputs, you will add 6dB of gain to the sub's amplifier input. Normally there is more than enough adjustment in the sub's controls to make this unneccesary. Other than the additional gain, there should be no sonic difference between one cable and two cables.

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