What receiver for metal as well as classical music


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Hi there!

I have B&W 602 S3 and can't decide what to buy. I listen to hitting metal and classical, too.
Is Marantz good enough for that? They have series with "high grade audio components" as SR 5400, Sr 5500. Or would just an Sr 4500 do?
Please help me.

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Is there a reason why you're talking about surround receivers instead of good ol' 2-channel?

From a music perspective, you'll typically get a better result with a simple 2-channel stereo amplifier, and preferably one from a music-oriented company such as Arcam, Naim Audio, Exposure, Musical Fidelity, Cyrus or Rega.


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Yes, I can't afford to have everything separately: stereo, tuner, DVD. So I need an av receiver with excellent stereo.

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I have a similar requirement.

I am currently considering the option of buying a AVR that gives me pre-amp outputs, in case I decide to buy a power amp for the front channels -- for CD direct mode in the future.

Yamaha RSV650 seems to me the best value for money right now with pre-amps out.

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I have an SR5400, am very happy with it; traded out an Onkyo 601 for this particularly for its music quality.

Look at hifi.com for new ones, accessories4less.com for refurbs.

If you go 2-channel, the HK 340 with 120wpc for around $300 at jr.com would be a good choice, it has a subwoofer preout which will really come in handy.


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I tried The B&W 602 S3 with an 50 W Marantz amp and it failed with thicker music. When all the instruments were on the soundstage held back. Is 90 W/c enough to drive it dynamically? Has anyone heard SR5500 or SR4500?

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How do you know it wasn't the speakers that were coming up short?

I'd agree that 50wpc is too little for that kind of volume but 90wpc is plenty, unless you are trying to fill up an auditorium with music. Of course if you can afford a 200 watt dedicated amp there's no contest but that's probably at least 3 times the cost.

I know what you mean about "thicker" music though...but that may actually result from the quality of the recording as well. I have some old Led Zeppelin that sounds terrible on my Marantz but good on an old boombox, and I have some Metallica that sounds great on the Marantz and crappy on the boombox.

If you're set on 2-channel, I'd give that HK 3480 a listen first, 120wpc should be plenty.
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