NAD T753/763 or Marantz SR-7400???


Well- I have narrowed it down to either one or the other (Nad or Marantz). Anyone here have an opinion on the receivers? Pluses/ minuses?

Not an audiophile- by any means- just looking for a quality receiver that will be stable for home-theater and cd listening. Will match it (initially) with a polk rm-6600 satellite system- but will likely upgrade to towers/ new sub/ rear surround (5.1 system)- in the not-too distant future.

Any thoughts?

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NAD was better received at together with onkyo - check the reviews out.

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Anyone owners have personal thoughts on the 763 or 7400? Anyone used the upconversion feature on the 7400?

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I just posted a small review under another Marantz 7400 thread about "issues" and I ran into this one. I have the 7400 and love it, but I have noticed a degraded signal using the upconversion. I did expect this, but not as bad as it is. The digital cable signal going directly into the TV's coaxial terminal input has crisp color, but digital cable signal going through the S-Video of the 7400 and upconverted through component output to the TV is washed out. I've heard many people say that you should connect components directly to the tv or otherwise you get a degraded output and I believe it. The only reason I wanted the upconversion was in case I got a TV with few inputs(like plasma). I reconnected all my connections directly to the television and don't use the upconversion, BUT I'm glad I have it just in case I need it in the future. Hey, maybe a drop amp somwhere along the line might help. You never know.

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In choosing between these two very fine receivers, I would check the impedence rating of my speakers, first. If less than 8 ohms, I would go NAD, as the Marantz does not do low impedence speakers (4 ohm). If you have 8 ohm speakers, then flip a coin. They are both that good, IMO.
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