578A-S to SP-502 ( real upgrade )


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Hi ,

I'm using Pioneer DVD 578A-S as my stereo source - two channels only , no SACD nor DVDA listening .
I would like to hear from you if there would be any real " musical " advantage if I replace it by the ONKYO DVD DV-SP502 .


Thank you all again in advance .

P.S. : Sorry . Don't know where to post that ( an Audio or DVD question ? ) .


The real question is would you notice an advantage with the Pioneer DV588-A. The Onkyo just got reviewed at secrets, and guess what its a rebadged Pioneer 588.
http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-bin/shootout.cgi?function=search&articles=123 #OnkyoDV-SP502%20Universal%20DVD%20Player
If you like your pioneer hold on to it! There might be some sound improvement but I doubt it, if your looking to spend some money to improve the sound you might want to look at a better bass management like the Outlaw ICBM and some cables.

On my last post I suggested better bass management, and then saw you were using it in two channel stereo. This is not really an issue then. I beleive the Pioneer uses the Burr-Brown DAC's I'm not sure what Onkyo is using but the Pioneer has always proved to be a more than your money worth investment. I don't think you will notice a hugh change in the audio quality of these two units. You might notice a change if you got a dedicated CD player.

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Interesting info. I was considering purchasing the Onkyo DV-SP502 for a while and although the reviewer on Secrets thinks cosmetics are worth an additional $100 (or about double the cost of the Pioneer), I'm not so sure. I do agree that the Onkyo looks better, but still... It also make me wonder if the the Integra DPS-6.5 is also the same as the Pioneer. It has an MSRP of $500.

DVD Benchmark , July 2005 said that Onkyo DV-SP 502 " ... is a replica of the popular ( Pioneer ) DV-588a ... " .

The problem is that Onkyo DV-SP 502 was released around six months * before * this Pioneer DVD model ...

What more in this Onkyo's review is also absurd ?


I meant no offense if you are a Onkyo owner. It is common knowledge that some manufacturers provide OEM parts for others. The chipset in the Pioneer DV-588a is the same as the DV-578a. And the DV-578a has been available longer than the Onkyo DV-SP 502.

I also went from the info in the review that said: "The SP-502 is a rebadged Pioneer player, but thankfully it does not fall into the category of duping its customer base. " I see the next line about the replia you mentioned.


Q: Why do you feel the "Onkyo's review is also absurd?"

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what is the difference between the Pioneer DV578 and the Pioneer DV588? If the chipset is the same...then why pay $30-$50 more for the 588?
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