Please explain


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Please explain,

Why do some people prefer vinyl records over High res cd's, I've been listening to music for 40 years, Vinyl never sounded as good as todays high res cd's to me.

Also what is it with the tube amps that make them so great????????

Maybe my ears don't work the same, but the fidelity out of todays cd's IMHO kick the snot out of Vinyl.

J. Vigne
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OKEYDOKEY. No one is insisting you like vinyl. Some of us do and some of us like tubes. That is what makes the audio world go 'round. And keeps the audio companies in business. If you don't hear ir, I wouldn't worry about it.


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J, didn't mean to sound pushy, I respect anyones right to listen to what ever turns them on.

I guess I'm trying to understand what it is that the vinyl/tube people like about that type of media VS the newer stuff.

Please forgive me if I came across in a negative way, that was not my intention, I have always wondered what it is about Tubes and Vinyl that make them popular.


J. Vigne
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To make the answer as plain as I'm certain you would prefer would take quite a bit of typing. Can I say the sound of both tubes and vinyl have, to those who enjoy them, a warmth and ease that is lacking in the more clinical nature of transistors and CD. The reasons for the preference have been hotly debated in some circles for,in the case of both formats now, decades. The simplest answer I think I can give for digital vs. analog is the quantization of the signal in the digital format where the information is nonexistent above 20kHz. Other factors come into play but mostly relate to a numbers argument. The real argument, of course, is with the sound. With tubes the signal has a more natural sound for how many reasons? The Absolute Sound recently had a discussion panel of writers that bandied this idea around and each writer had a slightly different reason why they believed tubes were ultimately the only true path to the best sound.

Those who dislike both tubes and vinyl often say the two formats play into the neurosis of audiophiles and that transistors and digital make things too simple for those who have to play with their system to enjoy. That is obviously a tactic of, "I'm better than you", which is another neurosis that tends to afflict audiophiles (if not all mankind).

What is generally, though not always, agreed upon is the concept that specs alone may not tell the entire story.


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I'd say I pretty much agree with what jan has said.

Having said that I do think the latest tech of sacd and dvd-a get us closer
to the true analog sound than cd's and compare pretty favorably with lp.

Now some have problems with the upkeap or other so called shortcomings of tubes.
I have no problem with the upkeap of tubes and like the idea I can adjust the
sound of my system to a pretty good degree just by changing a tube in my equipment.
Not to mention tube equipment has a muicality to it that solid state does not.

Where it comes to vynyl while I agree the sound is analog and what it should
be, for ME the shortcomings are to much and with sacd/dvd-a I prefer not to do vynyl.
I believe the state of digital is just starting to scratch the surface of
what it can do, with sdacd/dvd-a what it is right now and better on the horizon.
For me right now the sound and convenience is good enough for me to use
it over vynyl.

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oh again here is link to some good tube info and reading.

Here's a link for anyone interested to learn a little more about tubes.
I find it an excelent reading for anyone!

(you'll nead acrobat reader , but you can download it for free)

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Steve: Let me start by bowing to the expertise of both J. Vigne and Kegger. Their knowledge eclipses mine - but -
I, too, hear (and miss) the sound of the good ole clicky, poppy LPs. But now that I have a fairly good SACD player - and a new NAD receiver that makes sound much more natural, well, I feel that I'm closer to my ole love: the LP.
The LP vs. the CD? First, for me, it all depends on the disc. Every one is different. Each has different recording setups, mastering, and pressing.
I'm sure that both Kegger and Jan V. would agree with me that "subjectivity" plays a BIG part in all of this.
Why did/do LPs sound "better" than CDs? Well, they don't - always. And why do CDs sound Worse than LPs? Well, they don't - sometimes.
To see/hear the differences, you have to be able to A-B compare them. Which is difficult. But Kegger's point about tubes sounding 'warmer' is quite right.
And Steve, I'm right in there learning with you as I go. Listen to what JV and Kegger write, for they have helped me a lot.
If you have a chance - go somewhere they have good equipment, and audition a couple of the new SACDs - or DVD-As - and if possible compare them with "regular" CD sound. The SACDs come quite close to the LP sound that geezers like me miss.
I may get some flack from the above-mentioned gentlemen, but I think the NAD receiver, while solid state, comes much closer to the "tube sound" than amps I've had in the past.
But I couldn't really explain just what that is, other than what I hear and feel. Just thought I'd confuse you a bit more! (grin)
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