Pls HELP: Can I match Yamaha HTR-5550(75w/channel) with JBL N38(175w max)?


Is HTR-5550 strong enough to drive JBL N38?
How should receiver match speakers in terms of power? Do I have to go 100w/channel receiver to drive N38? If so, which receiver you recommend? How about Pioneer VSX-D711S / D811s in term of sound qulity?
Thank you very much.

of course... all of the amps should do well...
my dads onkyo has 65 watts and its drives them extremely loudly.
The yamaha will handle the job perfectly

... and i have the s-38's

Addy Landzaat
Most speaker manufacturers give a power range, amps with more or less power can be used, but you should be aware of disortion. No amp will blow these and it will sound good.

About recommendations, there is fierce competition in this arena, no-one has an edge over another company. Some receivers are better at music (Denon, Harmon-Kardon) others in movies (Pioneer, Onkyo). Yamaha is somewhat in between. I myself have a Rotel receiver and that's a music-machine. But still, it also does movies perfectly: the differences between current day receivers are not that big!

So, my advice? go for the Yamaha/JBL combo, you can't go wrong!
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