Some thoughts on live music and the importance of enjoyment


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Well, the gig went very well indeed.

It was amusing to realise the cat calls, challenging our ability to satisfy a woman, due to the amount of makeup and the costumes we wore seemed to be coming from a bunch of males wearing more eyeliner and hairspray than the lot of us put together! Why do people ask us if we're 'g*y' when we look so utterly miserable in our funerary garb?

Any self respecting live music afficionado would hate us for the simple reason we offer up a recorded perfomance and mime skilfully to it. This does not mean it is not our perfomance - the net result is made from music that has been recorded previously with our front man singing over the top. My bass guitar was actually a deformed skeleton strung up and wired with machine heads cruelly embedded into the skull, with the pelvis acting as a guitar body. The idea behind all this is to create a visually stunning performance, although it would be impractical for making real music. It's the only band I can make any valid contribution to as an onstage member. I cannot play a note of real music; plumbing all of my visual and stage set design skills into this nightmarish offering.

So - if we sold enough albums to pay for the next few gigs, does this mean our audience are really a bunch of musical ignoramuses? I'd have to assume too much in order to answer that either way. I think it's an inevitable mix of attitudes. I am the only person I know who has asked for levels to be re-considered at the local disco and actually walked out of a 'live' gig, where I discovered all the performers to be 'faking it'.

It may be that I am unconsciously trying to justify to myself for presenting something, which I do not believe in, in musical terms. I have a very keen philososphy on sound and live performance, which I completely went against last night. After seeing how well we were recieved and how many albums were sold, I can forgive myself when I heard people felt they got their money's worth in pure entertainment. The other bands, who incidentally were suporting us, were, in my opinion, very skilled musicians who had their engineering setup well thought out, musically speaking. I wonder now that if everyone thought the way I do, there would be little opportunity for our performance to thrive and I for one would have less fun. It's reminded me to think less and experience more with the element of enjoyment being a priority to the things I do.

Well, one thing is certain - to continue with this venture gets me into a lot of live events for free!

Regards and a Happy New Year to you all,



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Varney, what was the gig, and where was it?

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Beautiful Deadly Children
Gothic New Year's Party,
Gifford Arms, Wolvs, Midlands' Black Country.
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