Best bookshelf speakers for my system???


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Hello all,

First of I have to say that I am a complete newbie to the world of home theater, so please forgive any ignorance on my part.

I'm looking to find the best array of speakers to build a 6.1 system for my Sony STR-DE597 reciever. Even though it's an entry model reciever, it's going to be used in my small living room and everything that I have ever owned that was Sony I have been very happy with.

So I'm looking for speakers that are inexpensive, with good reproduction, range, and response that I can expand on when more cash becomes available.

Since I have a small living room, I'm thinking of getting 2 front bookshelf speakers, save money, then buy a center channel, save more money, then buy bookshelf surround speakers, and somewhere down the line get a sub-whoofer.

I'm looking to spend no more than $300 a pair for the bookshelf speakers. So far I have heard nothing but rave reviews for Infinity Primus 160s, but unfortunatly I haven't been able to listen to them. Can anyone here give a good or bad word on them?

There is a place here in Chicago where I can get their last pair of PSB 2Bs for $250 for the pair. Although they weren't on display, so I heard the PSB B25s instead, which souded awesome for the size. But, of course, the B25s are quite a bit out of my price range.

Any help in designing a good system or suggestions for other speaker brands would be much appreciated.


There are several qualify British speakers in that price range. B&W 601, Monitor Audio Bronze, Acoustic Energy EVO1.
Also Paradigm makes a nice bookshelf.

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I'm buying a pair of bookshelf speakers myself, not for HT but just for stereo music. I'm getting a pair of Energy C-1 speakers. You should check them out, and maybe Energy's C-3s if you want something a bit larger.

Others I was considering were by Axiom and Paradigm. You probably can't go wrong with any of these. That's all that I've really looked at, I'm also a newbie!!

I'm sure there's lots of other choices, but these are good ones and they are very affordable.

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I've been extremely impressed with what I've read about the Ascend CBM-170 bookshelves, but of course since they are only available online have not had the chance to hear them. However the $340 price point is quite attractive if they are really as good as claimed.

Listened to the Polk RTi4s today at Fry's, even on a $2200 H/K receiver they still did not impress.

Haven't had a chance to hear the Primus 160s but I suspect that Infinity mainly lives on its name and distribution network to national chains like Circuit City and Best Buy. Their car speakers aren't bad.

CompUSA has the Infinity Primus 250 towers for $200 a pair until Sunday, I'm sure they'd deliver better sound than the 160s if you have the space.

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Check out the stunning reviews on the Ascends at, some 75+ and average about 4.9 out of 5.

Of course they could all be shill reviews for all we know, but if the Ascends were lousy you'd expect to read some bad reviews on them, and there aren't any.
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