Troubleshooting potential speaker problem


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Recently I purchased an HK AVR430. I hooked it to my speakers which are anywhere from 10-15 years old. The front L/R/Sub are Bose Acustamass 5 Series II, the center is a bose center speaker, and the rear are some lower end small yamaha speakers(not actually made for rear but they worked). This set of speakers worked flawlessly on my old Technics reciever. <long> Anyway, My new reciever ran fine for the first day. The second day, it would only run from a few seconds to a few minutes before switching back to standby. I posted this problem on another forum and it was suggested that I disconnect all the speakers and see what happens. I did and it still did not stay on. SO, I shipped it back and got an exchange for a new one. I hooked up all my speakers, and "dammit" it started doing the same as the last one. Exactly except I didn't get a whole day's use out of it. :-( I shipped it back for a refund. Because I was curious, I called a HK service center and asked a tech what he thought. He said to ohms check all the speakers and that as long as they were not unreasonably low (2 ohms or so) they are probably ok. They were all pretty much from the mid 6's to low 8's. BUT, he said, it would be very unlikely that two brand new recievers would have the same problem. Which now makes me wonder about my speakers. Like I said, they looked and sound/sounded fine on my old reciever. OK finally my question: Is there any thing I can do to see if my speakers are the culprit? How can I test them? I checked all the speaker wires and no shorts.

Sorry for the long diatribe. Any Ideas?


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