Ortofon Super OM-10 better than Music Hall Tracker?


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I recently purchased a Music Hall MMF-2.1 turntable, which came with the factory installed and set up Music Hall Tracker cartridge (Goldring Elan?). I have an Ortofon Super OM-10 that I just bought for my old Dual CS505-2 before determining that the cartridge wasn't the problem after all.

I'm not familiar with the Goldring cartridges, and haven't found any direct comparison information. Would the Ortofon represent an upgrade?

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Depends on the mass of the tonearm. If it's a low mass arm, like a Linn, HK, B&O, etc you'll want a high compliance cartridge. If it's high mass, like Technics, Pioneer, etc, you'll want lower compliance. It's all about avoiding audable resonance in the arm/table/cartridge.

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I don't have actual specs on the effective mass of the tonearm or a recommended cartridge compliance.

Music Hall advertises it as a medium mass tonearm, but it is a straight, aluminum arm unlike the S arms used by Pioneer, Technics, etc. The Pro-Ject Debut comes with an Ortofon OM-5e, it is basically the same table although the arms are slightly different so comparison may not be completely valid. While I don't have specific numbers, I am reasonably confident that the cartridge/tonearm combination will not have a resonance in the audible range.

I have the OM-10, so there's really no out of pocket cost just to try it. Neither cartridge is broken in yet so it will be some time before I can do a valid comparison. Twenty years ago the process was the fun part, but at this point I'd just as soon skip it if one cartridge or the other is clearly better.

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on a related topic, I know the ORTOFON OM-10/20/30 feature interchangable replacement styli (so one can upgrade). Is the OM-5 also a part of this bargain, or is it the odd man out, ORTOFONically speaking?

Or to put it another way: If I get a MusicHall or Pro-Ject TT w/the OM-5, can I later upgrade the cartridge with a better ORTOFON stylus?

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Could you please educate me more about tonearm mass? I have just bought a Aristion Q deck with a B&O MMC 10 E cartridge.
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