Rotel 1098 vs. Anthem AVM20


I am at a pivotal crossroad in my system upgrade process. I am comparing the Rotel 1098 to the Anthem AVM20. Has anyone done a real head to head comparison of these two? If so, any comments?
H/W in my system:
Fronts - Martin Logan Acents
Rears - Paradigm Studio 20
Center - Paradigm Studio 470
SR/L - Paradigm ADP 470
Amp1 - Anthem PVA5 (c/sr/sl/r//rr)
Amp2 - Outlaw 200 (2) one per ML
TV - Samnsung HLN50
DVD - Marantz DVD8400
Power - Panamax 5510 ACRegen
Cables - Tributaries and Monster

I nearly bought the Rotel 1098 but opted for the AVM 20 instead. Although the Rotel IS a fine piece, in comparing the two the Anthem if far more feature-laden. Soundwise, the Rotel seemed a bit laid back in my opinion whereas the Anthem was just right. Not bright but not recessed either. Here is the pros of each one:

Two more component video ins
HDCD decoding
DTS 96/24
LCD screen

THX Ultra-2 Post-processing on Dolby Digital/DTS
Balanced outputs [for extra amps if bi-amping!]
Analog to Digital conversion on Multi-channel
Bass Management on Multi-channel

Processing on the Anthem is sensational. THX application made for really great soundstaging and imaging. Check out the net reviews on the Anthem just to see the other numerous features that are not on the Rotel. Good luck!

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I've heard them both and went with the Rotel. It will do all the things that the Anthem will do and more and the Rotel name is unsurpassed.
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