How to upgrade my thorens 166? Is the SME 3012 better than the RB 300?


I need help on how can I can upgrade my turntable? Somebody is selling me an SME 3012 tonearm and a RB300. Which should I get? What kind of upgrade can I do with both arms and which tonearm will sound better before the upgrade? After the upgrade?


I have both the SME 3012 and the Rega RB300 in daily operation. The SME is beautiful and has very low tracking error due to its length, but the RB300 is a much more modern and precise sounding arm. It has lower mass and is much stiffer, giving better bass, dynamics and micro-detailing. The RB300 can be upgraded through various paths, such as internal cabling and mechanical changes to the counterweight. Good luck!

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For information:

please look on my website

There you find real tweaks for the SME 3009/3012 tonearms. Please feel free to ask me for questions.

Here is the link for the price list and the mounting procedure for the bronze knife edge bearing.

Please read the reviews on TNT-Audio about the bronze tweaks:

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