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hey everyone I need some help. I'm a college student and some kids leaving school left two woofers, a js1000-a and a bose acoustimass 7. The jenson 12" is powered and the bose is not. I have two very nice b&w speakers (8" driver and tweet). My amp/receiver is a marantz sr-63 w/ two sets of stereo outputs. I live in a fairly large apt that is somewhat load. From another post it is recommended that a face down woofer not be used. Ok. But my first question: will hooking up a passive woofer to my second set of speaker outputs decrease the amount of power to the main speakers hooked up to the other speaker outputs? I'm figuring that I shouldn't hook up the bose woofer to the b&w's because I would get double xover and the b&w 8's give better sound than the bose 8's. My next question: lets say I decide to hook up the jenson. Should my route go amp-jensen-b&w? Or should both the woofer and speakers both be hooked directly up to the receiver?
And last but not least: I'm getting no sound from the jensen. Geuss thats why it was thrown out. The power button is green, the fuse is not blown. hooked up to reciever and no output. turned up volume, switched from 180deg to 0deg. Changed xover freq. Tried anything I could think of. To test I just need to hook directly to receiver, correct? And do I need both L and R hooked up? If I still get no sound, what was the test of touching the wire? And what might I do to avoid taking the whole thing apart and performing amateur surgery? The thing was free so tinkering only risks the opportunity cost of fixing and testing, giving or selling it away...unless it is recommended to use this woofer.
Sorry about the length but i got a lot of questions.

Dump them both! That's step one.

Try selling them on eBay.. with the cake you get for the two of them, buy either an SVS or M&K Powered Sub. At any level they will be far better than what you had.

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hi,have a denon 2803 receiver,how do i hook up a non powered subwoofer?thanks,David Mula.

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Agreed with Anonymous. Neither sub will be able to come close to your speakers in performance.

I'm not too familiar with your receiver, but if it has A/B speaker switching, you can hook it up to that (be careful of volume, you dont want to hurt your receiver). Otherwise you're going to have to get an external amp for it.

hey guys. i have a self powered logitec subwoofer that came in a speaker kit but unfortunetly the subwoofer power module burnt out inside. is there anyway i can hook this sub up to my home stereo as a passive sub and which parts do i need to get it to work?

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Hi all,

I have a fairly old Jensen JW-1500 driver. It is a 15" Sub drver, and on its label, claims 150w RMS, 350w peak 94dB sensitivity, and 4 Ohms imp.

I recently bought a 350w Sub amp (for building into a sub-enclosure) and now want to build the enclosure.

The problem is in finding ANY info on the JW-1500. I need the specs (Qms, Qts, Qes, Vas etc.) to help me calculate a suitable enclosure volume and cross over freq. (There are no reults from Google)

Appreciate any help.

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Sorry - above was posted in the wrong area.
My apologies.
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