Yamaha RXV1400 or Denon 3803?


I need a new receiver to power new Polk Audio Lsi series speakers! I like the video up-conversion on these two receivers.

Any ideas? Any experience with either one?

Sound wise I would not recommend either Denon or Yamaha with Polk. I would want something with more of a mellow sound like a Marantz,NAD Elite or H/K. Yamaha and Denons are to thin sounding for me and my experience with the 3803 was really awful. Very,very bright receiver which is not a good match with the Polks. I would throw in Integra also as something to look at.

I picked up an Elite 55TXi, it was a big disappointment. I returned it and decided on the RX-V2400, it sounds great with my Polk speakers. I have 4 Lsi9's and a CSI. Together they sound great, a lot of punch.

BTW, I do not find the RX-V2400 to sound any brighter than my friends H/K 7200 or the Elite. The Elite just didn't have any power at all!

Joe S.
What didn't you like about the Elite, other than the power?

I'm looking to get a reciver for the Energy Encore system. But I'm having a difficult time trying to decide on the denon 3803 or the yamaha 1400.If you have any suggestions let me know.

Sarandon Johnson
Brian don't feel bad, I am also trying to pick which receiver I want between the Yamaha RX-V1400 and the Pioneer Elite VSX-55txi!!! I heard both of them with some Mirage speakers and the Yamaha sound a little bit better than the Pioneer Elite. Sorry about that elitefan. Don't get me wrong, I like the Pioneer Elite, but after hearing a correctly set-up RX-V1400, it sound soooooo much better than before!!!!!!!!! So I am going to get the Yamaha RX-V1400 and I am also going to get the Pioneer Elite VSX-47tx as well.

Jeff Plous
Sarandon why the need for 2 recievers?

Al Holland
I listened to the 1400 on Boston Accoustics towers recently. I do not remember the speaker model but I do know that they are not mellow sounding speakers. The Yamaha sounded great with them. Maybe the thin clinical sound of previous Yamaha's is a thing of the past.
I plan to bring a 1400 home and try it as a pre amp in the near future.

Sarandon Johnson
well i never owned a pioneer elite but i can get the 47tx though my friend's discount at his job, besides i want the best of both worlds!!!


I am not sure I understand. Are you saying you are getting a Yamaha 1400 solely to use as a pre-prom now? Or, are you saying you are getting it to be your receiver for now and you will add an outboard amp later?

Al Holland
I have a Sherbourne 5/1500A amp and Rotel 1066 pre/pro.

I want to try the Yamaha as a pre/pro and see if the equalization is a gimmick or not.

Using the new DVE I notice some disturbing frequency voids.

Do you know any one who has used the 1400 as a pre/pro?

No, I don't know of anyone who has tried using the 1400 as a pre/pro.

I can appreciate you wanting to use the Sherbourne amp though. Nice stuff.

I have JBL Studio line speakers and I'm finding it difficult to choose between the Yamaha RX-V1400 or a Denon 3808. Does anyone have any knowledge on how the JBL Studio line matches up with the RX-V1400?

Just bought a 1400 after listening to the 3803 and the Elite...never really considered the Elite but it was a difficult choice between Yamaha and Denon. I use it for jazz, classical and movies.

I finally decided to go for the transparency of the 1400's and they sound GREAT with my venerable Allison One mains. What a treat - solid midrange, great soundstage, and a transparent sound that makes you forget its not live. Drives my BA/Allison surrounds beautifully on movies.

I have had Yamaha RX-V1400 for a month. I use it as pre/processor. I use the video up conversion feature since my plasma TV has only 1 video component input. However, I have noticed that I for certain channels, my plasma keeps on flickering. When I bypass the Yamaha and hook up the S-video directly into the plasma, the TV works fine. I'll contact Yamaha tomorrow, but does any one have the same problem with this feature? Please advise.

This is in response to the poster of the 12th who said he didn't think the 2400 was brighter than the Elite55. Is there something wrong with your hearing or what? These receivers have a very different sound as it hard to believe your statement. As far as the 55 not having enough power you could not be more wrong. The Elite line from the 53 on up has very large power supplies[much beefier than Yamaha] and more multichannel power than Yamaha. The Elites have gobs of power so that should never be a factor in anyones choice of a receiver. I don't dispute that the 2400 has good power as it is now a THX receiver which forced Yamaha to beef up their power supplies. If you like your 2400 I think that's great but don't mislead people about the 55 not having enough power. Happy listening to all!

I contacted the Yamaha, and the rep took my info to be forwarded to the eng. dept. I contacted the dealer, from which I bought the unit, and the tech guy asked me to go through all different possible combo setup to make sure that's it's not the Yammie. If my cable box runs into my VCR and then into TV, some channels flicker. If I bypass the receiver and hook up the video from VCR directly into TV, all channels work fine. If I bypass the VCR by hooking up the cable into the receiver and then up to the TV, all channels work fine. I guess that it's time to look into Tivo. Can't have my cake and eat it too, I suppose. :> )

I contacted the Yamaha, and the rep took my info to be forwarded to the eng. dept. I contacted the dealer, from which I bought the unit, and the tech guy asked me to go through all different possible combo setup to make sure that's it's not the Yammie. If my cable box runs into my VCR and then into TV, some channels flicker. If I bypass the receiver and hook up the video from VCR directly into TV, all channels work fine. If I bypass the VCR by hooking up the cable into the receiver and then up to the TV, all channels work fine. I guess that it's time to look into Tivo. Can't have my cake and eat it too, I suppose. :> )

Please help please help !!!
I'm going to order the Yamaha RXV2400 and the Denon AVR3803 from US website, and just wonder am I be able to use it in Australia? We are using AC220-240 in Australia. Is there a 'volatage selector' for these 2 models? Thanks for your time and help.

Please help please help !!!
I'm going to order the Yamaha RXV2400 and the Denon AVR3803 from US website, and just wonder am I be able to use it in Australia? We are using AC220-240 in Australia. Is there a 'volatage selector' for these 2 models? Thanks for your time and help.

Lots of companies sell voltage regulators to use with all sorts of consumer electronics. That is why Americans have no problem using their electronics in the UK or Europe and Europeans have no problem using their electronics in the US. They have devices that do this from products as diverse as electric razors to expensive projection tv's.

Buying a Yammie 1400 and an Elite 47tx--weird.

The Elite 47tx has the same humongous power as the 49tx. The are both listed at 7 x 130 watts into 8 ohms and they test according to Sound and Vision even higher--6 channels driven at 144 watts into 8 ohms--at 4 ohms it is over 225 watts.

The 47tx has MCCAC too--a bit more sophisticated speaker and room acoustic balancing system than the one included with the Yamaha. The only advantage the Yammie may have is the zillion DSP modes Yammie puts in their receivers. I almost never us them as I prefer to hear what the engineer had in mind--plus the Elite and the NAD's have more than enough for my tastes.

I have seen the 47tx at $1600--if you have a friend that sells it for less I would jump all over it. At that price the only other receiver to consider may be a Rotel and another great buy would be the separates combo from Outlaw Audio for $1598 that has the excellent 950 pre-amp with the 7 channel 100 watt Outlaw amp. And the Outlaw amp has REAL 100 watts--more like 125 watts due to the large headroom.

As far as comparing the 1400 or 2400 to the Pioneer Elite 55txi I find it bizarre that you think the Yammies have more power--they definitely don't. The are both listed as THX Select--so I bet their power supplies are rather comparable. Maybe you had a faulty unit or someone fooled with the 55txi output. If I was able to get the 55txi at the same price as the 2400 there would be no contest. Just the fact that the 55txi has firewire and could hook-up directly to the 47avi and/or the soon to be released 59avi dvd player (both universal players) would cinch the deal for me.

By the way--I was just perusing audioreview.com where someone had compared a Yammie 2400 and a Pioneer 55tx. This is what they wrote----

Reviewed by: WillW1965, Audio Enthusiast

Product Model Year:

So far so good on a 30 day trial. MCACC calibration worked well for me, and I like the fact that two settings can be used, one keyed to the front speakers, and the other for a flat average response. The USB connection to my Apple PowerBook G4 worked like a charm, and music sounded much better on the Pioneer than it ever did on the Yamaha RSX-V2400 I was auditioning. My impression with my B&W 602 S2 mains is that the Pioneer is a very neutral device, not warm like a Denon or icy like the Yamaha. I don't feel as if there is much being imparted to the music but the music. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy the Neo6 and ProLogic II modes when listening to music. I usually avoid trickery like that like the plague, but when combined with the levels set by the MCACC calibration, the illusion of depth is a nice change of pace.

None of my video sources are attached to the Pioneer, so I can't speak to that. I haven't done much yet to audition the usual suspects in the DVD department as this receiver has shown how wanting my current sub is. SVS is shipping the cure my way, so once that sub is installed, I'll throw The Fellowship of the Ring and Das Boot at it to see how it does.

As far as ease of use goes, I am very impressed with the remote control. It is the first "universal" remote that has been easy to integrate my Dish 508 PVR into the mix with. The NetCommand stuff from MItsubishi (which is great for my wife) does not have a learning capacity, so while I could change channels and navigate the box as if it was the pre-programmed Dish6000, I had to jump through hoops to pause and play TV. With the 55txi's remote it was quite simple to program all the play and pause functions to the appropriate keys and then remap the sound on the receiver to use an optical port remapped to DVR/VCR1. Combine that with using the learning function of the remote to program the NetCommand codes to the appropriate buttons for the TV input and I tihnk I have found the best solution yet for controlling my system. On the FireWire front, receiver and the TV see each other when they are attached, but as far as I can tell, they don't have much to say to each other. I'll post a follow-up to this review once I get a chance to hook up an iPod via FireWire. On first impressions, though, this receiver is an extremely good choice for a music lover interested in doing the best reproduction possible of MP3s or AAC files from some sort of portable digital jukebox, be it something like an iPod or a PC or Mac laptop plugged in via USB.

So, I like it so far. I was happy with the sound of my old Sony DA30ES, so was looking for a replacement that didn't go backwards sonically, but added a more contemporary set of features with connectivity options for the future. And that's what I have so far.

Neutral sound; terrific remote control; ample connectivity options; automatic calibration that works; all the surround options you'd expect from a receiver in this price range

Lack of a switch to turn on the light on the remote; long-winded manual that could be organized more logically; heavy and deep - make sure your furniture can accomodate it; optical and coax inputs could be labelled more clearly both on the back of the receiver, the manual and the onscreen display to ease the process of remapping them to the appropriate function (eg: my TV has has coax out for HDTV; the DVD is optical. It was difficult to do the remap of the optical TV hookup to DVD and vice versa without a number of trips to the back of the receiver

Similar Products Used:
Sony DA30ES, Yamaha RSX-V2400

For a review of the Elite55txi check out the current edition of Perfect Vision. They review it and the new flagship JVC. [which has gotten universally great reviews, believe it or not] Both receivers are said to have "prodogious power reserves" so lets put this nonsense to rest about the Elite's power. We all hear differntly and it's great there is so much to choose from. Buy whatever you like and enjoy. That's what this stuff is for anyway!

Jeff Plous
Hey elitefan, any idea if the 55tx has the same power supply as the 45tx? Just curious :)

Hello. I work in a retail store where I design home theater systems. I been selling and setting up Yamaha receivers exclusively for two years now. There are some "quirks" I noticed with the new Yammies operations. However the one big thing that's been bothering me and my customers is the sub output, namely there ISN'T ANY! You can turn the settings all the way up in the setup menu and the output just plains sucks. I already had three boomerang on me, and suggested they go with the RXV440,540,740 at least they operate like they should. Anybody know whats going on???
I had two Yamaha Reps on this and a tech team and they all agree it sounds different with lower than normal Bass output but that it's normal???? I strongly disagree, especially when it pisses off customers. Please any help would be appreciated.

Hi all,

I'm going to buy Yamaha RXV1400. Any idea how it will sound with old Tannoy Profile serie 631 speakers? Thanks.

Trying to decide on a AVR for Paradigm Cinema 90's front and rear, Paradigm Center and Paradigm Subwoofer. Looking at Yamaha RXV1400, Denon 3803 and Sony STRDA-3000ES.

Any other thougthts or recommendations.

Also why don't these AVR's have DVI outputs for video to HDTV's.

> RX-V1400 versus RX-V2400 -- other than a few added features, I have been leaning towards the RX-V1400 simply because its a few dollars cheaper. Any thoughts on why I should spend a few extra dollars to buy the RX-V2400?

> Second question, I have noticed both the RX-V1400 and RX-V2400 on e-bay at substantially reduced prices as compared to buying at an audio store. Any downside in buying from one of these guys other than the personal service I receive at the store?

thanks in advance,

If anyone is thinking of getting the RX-V1400, wait until after December. Yamaha is "upgrading" the Dolby Prologic II to Dolby Prologic IIx in this model. So I say wait a little longer.

Hi there

I am thinking of buying a 2400 and bringing it to New Zealand - so I will need a step down transformer for it to run on our 240v mains - can someone please tell me the consumption watts on the back panel of the amp so that I can get the correct rated transformer.


Just thought I would let people know if you go to 6ave.com you can get the RX-V1400 for the price of the 1300 ($529.06). Don't know how long it will last, but just thought I would throw that out. And the people that are getting them have said they are new in the box and come with DPL-IIx!

For Elitefan,

Your arguments against Yamaha hold no water. It was said that the new Yamaha units 1400/2400 weigh less than the previous 1300/2300 and yet you say because they are now THX (big deal, not) that they have "beefed up the power supplies." I found this interesting. For everyones knowledge on this board. I have owned a HK AVR 225 which was just plain sad. I have owned Marantz AV9000 and MM9000 combo, this was okay, but I now own a Yamaha RXV-3300 which retails for half of the Marnatz seperates. The Yamaha sounds way better than the Marantz seperates and my old Elite VSX27TX. The Elite much like the HK was just awful not full, bright ETC. The surround processing in any Yamaha receiver will outperform any other Japanese black box on the market, in the same price range of course. They are the only company to design their own chips. Everyone else uses a generic Motorola or old Yamaha technology. And I can use my Yamaha without wanting to throw the remote out the window, like I would with the Marantz or a Denon, or a Pioneer. Being able to use the funcions of a receiver are important too. For you Elitefan I don't know what is wrong with your ears. The Denon, Yamah, Marantz, Rotel, even Kenwood Sovereign all sound much nicer than the Pioneer Elite line. As someone previously posted you might as well own a Sony.

Hi people. I need some help since I only have until Friday, Nov 28 to decide on which receiver to buy in the $600-$800 price range. I have auditioned Yamaha RX-V1400 and Denon 2803. Both sounded really nice with Paradigm Atom fronts, CC-170 centers, ADP-170 surrounds and PS-1000 for subwoofer speakers. Help me please to decide on which product is better not including the mic auto setup or ypao feature of rxv1400. I have seen forum wherein it always compare "how much the amp gives". I'm very new in the audio world. So I really need some help. And also, I saw another review and that is Pioneer Elite VSX43TX. This one is also on the same price range but I haven't tested it. So please, help me. Thanks in advance.

You are another who is not listneing or cannot read. I said "maybe" Yamaha has beefed up their power supplies. You know nothing about what dsp are and have been used in other brands by your comment. No one uses Yamaha chips but Yamaha. Yes Motorola chips are popular because they are so good and other companies besides Pioneer have used them. Many use chips from Cirrus Logic[Crystal] and Analog Devices and many have used chips from Zoran. Yamaha's poor power supplies are a proven ,. measurable fact. If you can read a review of recent Yamaha's you would understand this. If you like your Yamaha that's fine but your post is not based on any proveable fact or measurements so get your facts straight before posting on this site.

Hi elitefan. I like your being frank. So if you are saying that Yamaha is not that good, what receiver can you recommend between $600-$800? What do you think about Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX or VSX-45TX? Will this match Paradigm speakers? Thanks.


I also would not recommend Yamaha. I think my reasons have already been covered here. In your price range, I would recommend the NAD T752. I think it can be had presently for somewhere around $700 from Saturday Audio Exchange (www.saturdayaudio.com). I have an NAD and I love it. The sound is awesome. It is a very powerful receiver for the money (80 watts x 5), and the sound quality cannot be matched, in my opinion. I have heard an NAD paired with some Paradigm Titan's and the center channel you mentioned and the sound was wonderful. The Paradigms really bring out the detail of the NAD receivers. However, it is only a 5 channel receiver, so if you were wanting something more, then the NAD probably isn't for you. I am also a fan of Elite receivers. I have never heard them paired with Paradigm speakers, but in general, Elite receivers have very nice power supplies and have a nice mellow sound. Between the two models you mentioned, I think the 45 has more power than the 43, so if you can afford it, go for the 45. I also like HK receivers. You should be able to get a nice HK model for the money you are willing to spend.

I love both receivers but not good match with Paradigms[which I also love]. My choice for Paradigm would be a NAD 752 or 763 if you can find a close out on these. To show I am not completely anti Yamaha I would also say that Paradigm is the one brand that Yamaha matches ok with. Not my first choice but not terrible either.
Thanks for the comments. Nice to see someone is listening and understands what is being said.

I found some NAD 752 links in google but I couldn't find their main website. Most of them are online stores. Help please with the link. And also, do we have an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel regarding receivers/audio so we can ask each one in real time? :) Just hoping. Thanks John and elitefan ;)


NAD website is www.nadelectronics.com

I found the authorized dealers here in Illinois. I called the one that is nearest to my area. Unfortunately, they don't sell the 75xs or the 76xs models anymore but they do have 77xs and 78xs but too much beyond my budget. I thought the price was kinda in the range like Yamaha's or the Denons.

Oh btw, I forgot to mention that I will be using the receiver 70% on movies and 30% listening to music. So would the NAD 763, 752, or the 742 be appropriate for the Paradigms? Thanks again. Btw, I'm going to try browsing at saturdayaudio later.

I'm sorry, I keep posting as I am so excited of getting the NAD receiver. I found out that saturdayaudio is in my area. Just about 50 miles drive. However, I couldn't remember the forum where I read that one of the above mentioned NAD receiver has a firmware problem. What is this firmware problem? Is it true? If so, is it a real critical problem and which model? Thanks again :)

I'm kinda worried now about the NAD receiver that I want to buy. Check out this thread, https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-audio/2934.html :(

HA!!! This is funny as hell to me.

Ok, if Yamaha receivers are rated at 110 watts but only really have half that in 7 channels and a HK receiver is rated at 55 watt per ch. Aren't they the same wattage then???? So what is the difference?

This past weekend I went to audition a few receivers this weekend. I have plans to buy one in the next month or so but I want to some research and listening first. Anyways, I compared the Yamaha RX-V1400 with the (very cool designed) HK AVR330 and I definitely like the 1400 more. I found the 1400 had a fuller midrange and deeper bass. The 330 sounded a little flat. The singing (Paula Cole) was a little subdued buy the music and it felt a little like loud elevator music but a little bright. They both had great sound stages but I will say that the 330 did have a better center stage but I was definitely not impressed.

If you are going to buy a receiver, go listen for your selves. Don't read something on the net and just go buy it. Don't be afraid to crank it up in the store, don't be afraid to ask the seller stupid question, and definitely, don't be afraid to buy it and take it back if you don't like it.


Hello,I work in the home theatre industry and sell both Pioneer, & Yamaha, as well as such brands as HK and Onkyo. Any body who says Pioneer has a better sound and power is kiddin themselves , pioneer has lost market share, a fact admitted by Pioneer Australia. I dont Know what Pioneer amps you sell overseas, but they must be a completley different company to Australian pioneer,(tounge in cheek). In the 5 years I have been in this Industry, I have never been inmpressed with pioneers sound or power! But I am only one voice, let the sales figures do the talking. Yamaha are the biggest seller of home theatre amps in the world. It still an industry of opinion and mine is yamaha rock!! Go the RXV1400 & 2400 ,you guys a legends!!!

Hi Neil,

Just a piece of advice, if you will be using your receiver for 70% on movies, go for the yammie. Not a NAD or Pioneer. NAD is good only for music since they were known for that. Yamaha has gone a long way in their development of DSP's.

Do not be mislead by Johnny or elitefan. See post of WMD.

That's a very good advice. Most especially, Tweeter is offering 50% off on receivers plus my 10% off "Welcome to the Neighborhood" discount this after Thanksgiving. Btw u.s. guys, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

8.9 kg power supplier Yamaha 3300 is considerer poor supplier?


I worked at a shop that sold HK, Yamaha and NAD. I found that the Yamaha's weren't too bad when hooked up to the right speakers but that the NAD and HK sounded better on music and movies.

And as for "Yamaha are the biggest seller of home theatre amps in the world". This is pure crap shoveled to idiot sales people to blurt to customers. Can you back this with figures from a third party? No. It may be time that people stop beleiveing what is written and said and HEAR things for themself.

There is a lot more to audio than just plonking an amp with speakers. the thing is to match them together and this creates a synergistic effect in which both speakers AND amp sound better.

Take what is said as someone elses opinion. Shortlist what you think will work and get of your a*se and check yourself.

And please for our sake don't take listed specs seriuosly.

Do you know how it was measured. Was the unit in question immersed in a bath of liquid nitrogen to UP it's power figures, or were they just plucked from someones a*se.

Some companies are regarded as honest others not.

Joe Dirt
Go with the Denon, I have an old Denon AVR-3300 and it is a champ. The build quality is excellent on all their products and there's a lot to be said for that.

I'm a rookie audio guy.
I just went to Yamaha.com and they don't list the RXV-1400. Is it being discontinued? They have the 1300. I was excited to see THX on the front cover because many of my DVD's have THX. Is THX a big deal. Is $600 for the RXV1400 a good deal? Or should I look at an Onkyo or other brand in the similar price range. Need help. Thank you.

Hi Dave,

Check this site. It will direct you to the RXV-1400


James Le, Specifically which channels flicker for you when using the RX-V1400?

Are you on Cable, Dish n/w or Direct TV?


Hey guys. Finally, I got RX-V1400 for $608. I was lucky coz I received a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupon discount + there was a discount offer yesterday. So 2 discounts :). Anyways, I have some question regarding terms used in home theaters. I am always confused when I see the word crossover like in this snipped, "cross my sub over at 80hz". What does this mean? And another is the pre-out, and is used like this on the post I found earlier, "I used my receiver as pre-out(front), amp(rear). What does this mean too. Thanks guys for the many advices.

I think it's worth noting that the RX-v1400 employs 192/24 DAC converters. Nothing is really being produced at this high audio resolution yet, but it will be in a short time, imo.

Also, it has 110 watts RMS for each of 7 channels. Not 55 as noted above. Plus the automatic calibration/setup program and mic can bring out optimal sound more effectively than many if not most users. A freind of mine reported that he was in a hifi store and the staff were challenged to set up a system to optimal performance and test it against what the programmer could do and the superiority of the auto-programmer was significant. Just something to consider.

The crossover on a sub cuts the high frequencies so it can blend better with whatever speakers you have. It also helps to keep the speaker from producing frequencies that the ear can localize. There are other reasons but those 2 are the basics.

Also, "pre-outs" on a receiver are generally used for external amplifiers and powered subwoofers.

I was being sarcastic/a dick.
I read what companies write for their specs and I take it with a grain of salt. The most important part of buying a receiver, is understanding the features you "NEED" and getting off your lazy a$$es and listen to them. The best way to do that is tack 3-4 CDs/DVDs that you have heard several times and listen to the receiver with a brand of speakers you have also heard many times before.

Anyways, here are the written wattage specs for the RX-V1400.

Maximum Power : 165W x 7 (1,155W Total)

Minimum RMS Output Power (8 ohms, 20-20,000 Hz 0,04% THD, FTC): 110W x 7(Total 770W )

Just got my paradigm atoms this afternoon. :) Btw, I need some help. It's my first time that I will be connecting a monster fiber optic cable. I am just wondering why it's kinda loose. I can easily pull the cable and off it go as compared to the fiber optic cover I removed. The cover when I return it, I hear a snap. I have a screenshot here of the cable connected to my sony dvd player. With this, you guys will be able to tell me if I haven't secured it yet. Please look at these screenshots:




Please help. :)

Neil, you're going whole-hog with the Monster's, good for you. I'll be very anxious to hear your report on the Yammerhammer coupled with the Paradigms. Should be phat city.

Can't help with the optical connection question.

First, I'm using Paradigm Atoms v3 for the fronts. I ran out of budget so this is the only speakers I have now. Anyways, I just finished testing my first 2 dvd movies, Behind Enemy Lines and XMEN 2. I just went directly to the scenes I like. Of course, the action part. :) I couldn't believe that the Atoms, even if it was small, was able to produce that great strong sound. Of course, I didn't push it too hard but enough to call my wife and kid's attention in 2nd floor. They went down. My HT is in basement. And that's for the ATOMs alone only. What if I had the CC-170, ADP-170 and PS-1000? I have actually heard these models perform at Simply Stereo, Hoffman Estates, IL, and they totally rock. Probably, before February ends, I will have all these Paradigms.

I can say that Yamaha 1400 has great power. It's because, the volume was 2 units below halfway when my wife's attention was called.

In the movie XMEN2, there was a part there inside the cafeteria where all human being were set to still by the professor. I placed my ear closely to the Atoms to investigate some hums or hissing sounds. I can't believe it, it was totally silent. Also, I tested a song. It was very clear even when volume is set to halfway. In a nutshell, I am so ecstatic with my new receiver. I can't wait for my next salary. Hehehe!!!

Btw guys, the optical connection is fine now. Tried so hard and I heard it snapped. It's quite secure now. :)

lisa france
I have tested the denon 3808 and the onk 800 on audioreview.com please see them there. I just got a 1400, its a very nice receiver. The highs and the lows on the 1400 and the 3803 are excellent. Both are very good sounding receivers with music. The 800 didnt sound as good on music at all, it was very 1 dimensional. On surround they all sounded excellent. Again, the 1400 and the 3803 had better bass than the 800. Of the 3 receivers, the 1400 is the nicest, especially with the dpl IIx. I just bought it for a week now, and the ones they are selling already has the dpl IIx. The 1400 also has more features and flexibility than the other 2 receivers. You need to go really listen to them yourself to see which you prefer, but to me the denon and yamaha has excellent sound in both music and movies, while the 800 only sounded good on movies.

I have listen to the pioneers also, would not reccommend them, if you want to buy a pioneer save the money and just buy a regular sony, they have the same sound.


I just learned something about warranties. On Yamaha's homepage if you go to the link on warranties you learn that Yamaha says it will not honor warranties on items unless they are purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealer. There are only a few authorized Yamaha online dealers and I could only find one that carries the RX-V1400 and the cost was $799, much higher than many other online unautorized sellers. Does anyone have anyt knowledge about this issue. Will they really not honor a warranty?

Here is the thing. I found the 1400 on line for $610.00 with shipping from a unauthorized seller. So, I went to a AV store near me and talked to the guy. I told him I could find it cheaper online but I would rather get it here in town. He said he could give it to me for about $700.00 with TAX. So I would much rather pay $90.00 more to have it from a authorized seller.

Sorry to say, I didn't buy it yet because I still have to audition a few other receivers first.

I found an unauthorized dealer (b & D electronics) online that says they will warranty the product. Of course, this isn't as good as a factory warranty (and perhaps no good at all if B & D is not a trustworthy retailer) but it's something. I know that Denon will not honor a warranty unless bought by an authorized dealer and I'm sure Yamaha is the same. Nonetheless, I'm going to try a Yamaha rx-v1400 with my Klipsh's and I'm going to buy it online for $600 (plus shipping of about $25).

Greg (and anyone else out there),
I have a set of Klipsch Synergy speakers and am looking to purchase a new reciever. The first two I considered are Yamaha and Denon since I have had excellent experiences with both of them in the past. I am not looking to break the bank here and my setup is in an apartment living room so I was looking at the Yamaha 1400 and the Denon 2803. In reading through some other postings and reviews many people have not recommended a yamaha reciever with Klipsch speaker setups. What are your thoughts on this and also anyone else out there who would like to share thier insight. Thanks!

I am thinking of buying the Yamaha 1400 or the 2400. Has anybody compared the sound quality of these receivers. Somewhere, I once read that when 2 amps have the same topology that the one with lower wattage will sound better. I actually noticed this fact once when auditioning some Adcom amps a long time ago. The 100 watt amp sounded better than the 200 watt amp. Of course, you need enough watts to drive your speakers for the given room size. My room is 15x21 ft. or 315 sq. ft. The speakers that I am thinking of buying are the Athena Audition series available at Best Buy. They are 93db efficiency rated.

Anybody knows how the yammie RX-V1400 sounds like with the Ascend CBM 170 speaker system? I would appreciate any comments on the subject.

Hi Sandra, i agree with you, i have Mirage OM-9's all around and currently a yamaha reciever. I just bought the rxv1400 and after reading your message, i'm pysched. Just needed a bit more power and advanced features for my system and now an affordable THX Yamaha reciever is out, it's mine!!! hahahah, thanks,

This may answer a few questions. I think everyone should audition there reciever before they buy it. I take my "test cd" and listen to it at home. THen match it as best as i can to my speakers at home and listen to it. People listen to different types of media over different speakers, so just audition the reciever. Also, i purchased my Yama mamma R-V1105 over ebay four years ago. Haven't had one problem with it (knock on wood). And i've had many recievers and speakers and different rooms they've been in and the best combo i can find is Yamaha and Mirage OM series( at least for my budget). I am very pleased. And i mostly watch movies. But whatever...

THX sets a standard for the product. Certain wattage, and settings, etc. have to meet a certain standard by Lucas Labs. Anything "THX Certified" has met these standards. So it's just a label given on amps, recievers, speakers, subs, etc that have met the certain qualifications. I dunno what they are specifically but it's really not a big deal. Seth

Lori Levin
NEED HELP!! Want to go with a 7.1 surround system and I am very confused on everything but the TV. The TV I like is the Optoma RD-65. It's the new DLP technology in a 65'. My room is 30ft long, by 18 ft. wide with a 14 ft cathderal ceiling. I am having a unit built which is going to be installed this week which takes up the the whole front wall (floor to ceiling) which will house the TV, Front Speakers, and Audio Video equiptment. For the rear speakers speakercraft inwalls are already installed.

I went to a store and they recommended:

Yamaha RXV 2400 for the reciever
Yamaha DVD, Sacd,Cd player
Paradigm studio 40's
Paradigm CC-570 center channel
Paradigm Seosmic 12 Subwoofer

I am a classical/Jazz pianist into all genres of music from hiphop, rock, R&B, Jazz Classical etc.... I'm really looking for something special, that will be reasonably priced. Any help pointing me in the right direction will be very helpful.... Thanks

I've got a Yamaha RX-V1400 with a Definitive C/L/R 2002 center channel, old '70's Infiniti wood-enclosed front speakers, early '90's Polk Monitor II surrounds, and a Polk CSI30 rear channel. My DVD player is a JVC XV-723GD. The Yamaha RX-V1400 works very nicely with this setup. The accuracy of the imaging on the Yamaha is great. The bass response is smooth and deep, The highs are crisp and the mids are balanced. Plenty of power.

I thinking of getting the new sr7400 online,

http://www.taxfreeelectronics.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=11&Product_ID=892&CATID=4 (USD$699)

http://shop.store.yahoo.com/authorizedelectronics/marantzsr7400.html (USD$739)

http://shop.store.yahoo.com/bestprice-store/marantzsr7400.html (USD$759)

http://shop.store.yahoo.com/topsellers/marantzsr7400.html (USD$765)

anyone know where can I get better deal than the above link?
for speaker, where can I buy the Monitor B4, B2, BC and asw100 package online? 'sara internation. inc' do best for USD$1200+-

Ok this is sooo dumb. But.........., does anyone know where i can find a picture of the rear panel of the RX-V1400? I bought it and just want to know what i have to hook up before it arrives at my door. Thanks :)

Found it!!! the RXV-1400 isss on the yamaha.com home page. Still no rear pic :( it was hard to find but it's under new products. i went under overseas rather than USA here's the link anyway:

New member
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Here's the official product page from the US site.


The following PDF brochure contains full info + detailed, labeled views, front, rear, and internal:


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Just a quick intervention here. I've been doing big dollar installs for about 12 years now. I've done theaters in celebrities house's, to hard rock cafe systems. I've worked with manufacturer's from Sony to Meridian. As a general note, wattage means nothing in audio. It's the amperage behind the wattage that matters. (think of it this way, will you be able to crank a car engine with a 12 volt 10 amp battery, or a 12 volt 430 amp battery? The same applies here...) Thats why HK's wattage ratings are lower. They are a lower wattage, high current (amperage) reciever. An HK 55 watt reciever will match and surpass the 'wattage' or power output of say a 110 watt sony. As per whether sound to one guy is thin, and another guy warm, just proves one thing, every human being hears and interprets audio differently. To bash another manufactuer on your own personal tastes is childish. The way to choose a reciever is this:

1) Does it offer the functionality you want?
2) Do YOU like how it sounds?

That is what matters. Bottom line. Elite, Yamaha, Marantz and all the others offer different functionality and quality. You choose what suits YOU, and not what suits another. That is a recipe for disaster. Now, there is nothing wrong with stating reviews with objective information so that people who use this site get the information they need, and not the 'shoveled' information of a biased consumer. 'nuff said...

Unregistered guest
Something to note about the RX-V1400 - I've had this receiver for a couple of days now and a few things became apparent quickly:

0) THX auto-setup is very well done and beats what I could do by hand given several hours of fiddling, and I love to fiddle. By the way, even if you listen to heavy metal at 140dB, the warning in the manual that says the test signals are loud shouldn't be taken lightly.

1) THX reproduction is just outstanding - it even frightened the cat. Dolby/DTS was fine, but nowhere near as powerful as THX; this is a function of the media and the encoding and not the receiver itself.

2) (reference: posting by Anonymous 11/13/2003 11:56am) In two-channel stereo mode it's very thin sounding for one simple reason: The line-level subwoofer output is not driven in that mode. If you switch in one of the many, many DSP effects, it'll drive the subwoofer. The downside is that you'll end up with reverb/delay effects in all channels. It's well-rendered, sure, but for my taste, it's not appropriate for critical music listening.

I'm considering running a second connection to the subwoofer (Infinity PS-12) from the 1400 (SPKR B outs to Speaker level inputs on the subwoofer) and switching that in when I listen to music.

It would have been more thoughtful if Yamaha engineers had designed a means to drive that line level SWFR output when in 2 channel mode, but it appears to be strictly driven as an "x.1" output. Don't get me wrong, this receiver is feature rich, and gets the most out of any speaker system wired to it in theatre modes. The fronts I'm using now are mid-quality, and yet when driven with the subwoofer, sound like big bucks, as they are given the best possible equalized and band-limitied signal by this smart receiver. If you want it warmer, warm it up with the graphic equalizer - easy to tweak.

I'd just rather not give up that second speaker output pair to drive the subwoofer when listening to CDs 'straight'. If I've missed something in setup, I'd appreciate knowing about it.

And yes, the remote layout is meant more for an engineer than a musician.


Mike Peele
Unregistered guest
In reply to P.Evans;

Set "LFE/BASS OUT" in the SET MENU to "BOTH". This should give you sub output in all modes except "STRAIGHT".

Unregistered guest
Thanks for the input -- I went out and purchased a Yamaha RX-V1400 yesterday along with a new B&W center channel speaker. I currently have B&W DM-601's and DM-602's with a center channel LCR60 and what an incredible sound comes from the RX-V1400 that fills the room. I am still getting use to the remote which is difficult to figure out and am playing with many of the settings (too many in fact -- I do like the automatic setup and tuning with the mic).

Overall, I like the receiver and am impressed with the performance.

I am thinking of buying B&W DM603 S3 floorstanders along with LCR600 as center and 601s in the rear (no subwoofer yet). Do you think RX-V1400 will drive this? What other choices are available for these speakers?

P. Evans
Unregistered guest
In Reply to Mr. Peele:

This is my understanding of it, at least --referring to page 50 of the manual, setting LFE/BASS OUT to BOTH simply directs low frequencies to both the fronts and the subwoofer output, as opposed to the usual SWFR setting, where only the subwoofer pre-out would render it. The latter setting is preferred by THX; it's less taxing on the front speakers and more efficient overall to leave the job of pushing low frequency waves to a large cone. Everything sounds better with it set to SWFR as my front speakers aren't pushed beyond their physical limits, making unpleasant SPLAT noises. It was then I agreed with the cat.

When setting it to BOTH or FRNT, your front speakers are no longer band-limited, and you can hear at least some of that deep bass energy (whatever your front speakers can handle) - but still no subwoofer pre-out output in non-DSP modes.

I finally did wire up the Speaker B outputs to the subwoofer, in addition to the line-level connection, and engage Speaker B when listening to CDs or the radio, and it sounds just excellent.

If yours works differently, then I think I've screwed something else up here, as I tried that BOTH setting with CDs, heard nothing from the subwoofer, and finally pulled everything out and ran a second hookup.


Unregistered guest
For the #2 thin-sounding stereo mode, perhaps something Lisa France wrote in her review is useful?

"I must warn you that you have to be very careful with the auto setup especially when listening to 2 channel music. The auto setup works great for surround sound. But you must eq to the front speakers, if you dont, the auto eq will make your front speakers sound like your smaller surround speakers. They will have no bass and treble. I have read where people have written that in 2 channel music the receiver sounds compressed and sounds terrible, this is the reason. By eq to the front speakers, the receiver does dont eq the front speakers but eq all others to the sound of your front speakers. But this is true only when using 2 CHANNEL STEREO with the sub. If you use the DIRECT STEREO, you have no sub output, but you also turn off the eq of the receiver.

Also you must use the level button on the remote to set the front speakers levels to be the same. If you use the SOUND MENU, it only has 1 level setting for both front speakers and it only shows you the higher of the two.

You must also change the bass setting from sub to both so you get bass from both the sub and the front speakers. "


Unregistered guest
Anybody here paired either the Yamaha RV-X1400 or Denon 3803 with Axiom speakers, such as the M50ti or M60ti?


Unregistered guest
Greetings folks!
I too am in the market for an A/V receiver to replace my 7 yr-old Sony (pre-5.1). I acquired a Mitsubishi 43" HDTV-ready last year and like the idea of the up-conversion to use just one of the TV's component inputs.
My current system:
Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble (4-peice)
Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus
Cambridge Soundworks Surround 5.1
Phase Technology sub - 12"/150 watts (I think)

I was seriously considering the Yammie 1400 - the upconversion is hard to pass up. I will be using the system 90% for movies. Would appreciate anyone's recommendations.

As for warranty, I have found if you purchase anything with a good credit card (like CitiBank), that ususally protects you pretty well.

Unregistered guest

I am just starting to put together a home entertainment center system upgrading a pre-5.1 Sony system. I just bought the Yamaha RX-V2400 receiver. I am considering using my old Sony speakers but was wondering if there are recommendations on not too pricey speakers that I can buy that would work well with the Yamaha. Any help would be appreciated. Also are there any significant differences in Progressive Scan DVD players? There seems to be a wide range of prices.

Unregistered guest

I have the Yamaha 1400 and it's great in the sound department but not so great in the video department. The problem is that the up conversion doesn't want to work correctly with all sources. Some have experienced flickering while I get a very dark black and white signal. Mind you, this is only when trying to up-convert a composet singal. HD component signals switch just fine. I figured I had a bad unit but I called Yamaha and they said that this happens if the video isn't prefectly time base corrected. I could get a time base corrector but last time I checked they were too expensive to worry about for the few times I would need to up convert a composet signal. Instead, I'll just run a composet cable to my HD projector instead.'

Just figured I'd let you know before you ran into the same problems everyone else is running into as well.


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I'm setting up my yamaha 1400 tommorrow with a cd player, dvd recorder and 34" widescreen. Can you tell me what "up conversion" means and is this something I should look for?
thanks Woody

Unregistered guest
The idea behind up-conversion is that it will convert the various video input signals (composite, S-video, etc) to the best output format...that being component video--providing you have that hookup. The advantage is that you only need one output to your monitor, instead of one of each matching input....saves money on cables and you don't need to worry about Video 1, 2, 3, etc. on the remote.

Unregistered guest
Thanks for the input. My DVD is component, and the VCR and DirectTv and Playstation are S-Video. Should I expect the problems you detailed with the S-Video as well? My TV is a Mitsubishi 43" HDTV-ready widescreen. I'm trying to get away from the double-switching I currently have to do.

Unregistered guest
And TimE! (sorry about that) :-)

Lisa France
Unregistered guest
Hi, Lisa France here. I have had the 1400 now for 2 months. I must say it is a much better receiver than the 3803. It is the best I have heard on surround and excellent on 2 channel stereo. The power 2nd room with different source input is awesome. For the price there is nothing that can do half of what it does and sound so good. Please see my write up on audioreview.com

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Hello I have PSB Alpha's set up and want to upgrade my receiver, to either the Yamaha rx-v1400,denon 3803 or HK 330, I really like the feature yamaha has converting composite and s-video to component, are there any other receivers in its price range that do this and does anybody recomment anything else to run my PSB speakers

Jim Mittica
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Hi folks. A newbie here, enjoying the forum and learning. I'm in the process of identifying components for a modest home theater and would appreciate input on a receiver from any and all. I've listened to quite a few speakers and will probably go with B&W (DM602 S3's for front, LCR60 S3 for center, either CCM65's or 80s in my ceiling for surrounds and the ASW600 for the subwoofer). I know the surrounds in the ceiling are not ideal, but it's a compromise I'm having to make. The receiver will have to be in the $500 to $600 range, e.g., Denon AVR 1804, Integra DTR 5.4, Marantz SR5400, Onkyo TX-SR601, Yamaha RX-V740, etc. I know enough to try to listen to each of these receivers with the B&Ws, but you all know how difficult that can be. So, which receivers are most compatable with B&W speakers for accurately reproduced sound that's not overly bright and not too "warm?" Whatever receiver I get will probably be matched with one of that company's DVD players. Any other recommendations? My room is 18 x 18 x 12 high. My use will be 60% home theater, 40% music. Thanks for any advice.

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Is the Yam RXV-2400 superior to the Denon AVR-3803 (aside form the minor wattage diff.)??

Unregistered guest
George Sarris
"does anybody recomment anything else to run my PSB speakers"

I think u better check out at NAD website receivers in section faq, 'http://www.nadelectronics.com/faq/index.htm',look out for 'What speakers would you recommend?', thought some series have a minor bug, i believe the new model has no more bug.
I want to give some advice to all nad receivers user, maybe the unit is run to hot, so give more air around the unit. Hope this will help to solved bug for nad receivers.

Unregistered guest
James David Gadd

To me yes the yammie rx-v2400 is superior to the avr-3803. they are both great receivers. Also I would like to add the Marantz SR-7400, Pioneer Elite VSX-55txi and the Onkyo TX-SR801 are awesome receivers that can blow away the Denon and possibly the Yamaha!


Lisa France
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I have listened to all of them. The Yamaha are the best are they are the most reasonably priced. Please see my test report.



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Okay guys & girls, I have the Denon Encore home theater system. I currently have the Denon 1804 receiver, which to me sounds a bit to warm for me. I want a lively crisp receiver in the 600 - 700 price range. What should I be looking for? I mainly watch movies.

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Okay guys & girls, I have the Energy Encore home theater system. I currently have the Denon 1804 receiver, which to me sounds a bit to warm for me. I want a lively crisp receiver in the 600 - 700 price range. What should I be looking for? I mainly watch movies.

Unregistered guest
I finally got the Yammie 1400 and must say how cool it is! Got it from Lets Go Digital for $585 total and received it 4 days after ordering.
The up-conversion works great and I can not say enough about how good the surround works. I have 3 peculiar observations:
1. The remote would not recognize my Hughes Direct TV satellite remote. I had to program the remote from a "One-for-All" remote, which was programed from the Hughes...go figure.
2. Using the auto set-up, do NOT set your sub-woofer level output at 1/2 level (if your sub has it's own level knob) as instructed in the manual, unless you want all the pictures on the walls to rattle off! Set the subwoofer level about 1/3, then adjust it manually after you have finished the set-up.
3. I switched cables between the Wal Mart "Philips", Best Buy "AR" and some expensive AudioQuest and could not see any differences. Same story for 18 and 14 ga. speaker wiring. Is there a measureable difference? I'm sure if I connected my multimeter to everything I could've found anomalies, but to the human ears and eyes, interconnects are vastly over-marketed. Maybe if I watched the same small scene over and over I would pick up on something, but you are better off spending that extra interconnect money on speakers, IMHO.
Nothing comes close to this HT receiver for under a $1000.

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I am glad that you like your Yammie 1400 and I have nothing bad to say about it. However, you close saying "Nothing comes close to this HT receiver for under a $1000". There are lots of folks who have HKs, Onkyos, NADs, Marantzs, Pioneers, Kenwoods etc who feel very good about their choices. If you are going to make a bold statement like that, at least enlighten me with why you believe that and what comparisons you made.

Unregistered guest
I've been looking for a new A/V receiver for about a year, and Yamaha has one ace-in-the-hole, (for now), video up-conversion of all signals to component out. This GREATLY simplifys operation if you have a TV with a component input, an important issue. I liked several other brands also, namely the cool-looking HK (which is coming out with a similar A/V, but much higher in price). It was not my intent to "knock" any other brand. I agree with you about the above mentioned mfgrs, they do make some sweet units, and I almost bought a Marantz until a Marantz dealer showed me the new Yamahas. Line up the competitors feature-for-feature and I believe you will understand my statement. Others on this thread that have one of the RX's will attest the same thing.

Greg Hamilton
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This is for P.Evans and the others talking about a thin sound when listening to two channel stereo. First, if you are listening to a two channel stereo source under the "Direct Stereo" setting, you will not get a signal at the sub out. If you select "2ch Stereo" with the stereo button, you will get a sub out but the signal will be processed by the eq. Unless I am missing something here, you can enjoy a direct or straight unprocessed two channel stereo signal by setting your LFE/Bass out to SBWR only, and selecting the straight button on the remote or front panel. This should direct the unprocessed stereo signal to the front and left speakers as well as give you a sub out, at least it does with mine and sounds great. Hope this helps.
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