2-4 year old solid 5.1 receivers?


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I am looking at buying a few year old receiver. The reason I want to buy older is because I don't have a lot of money and have little to no room/use for 7.1. The bang for the buck theory. IT doesn't have to look pretty, I am more concerned about decent power. I am looking to spend $200 USD give or take. I am going to run AS-B2 as mains and AS-R1 as rear surrounds. A AS-C1 or Yamaha NS-C444 (opinions??) centre and an HSU STF-1 sub. Any help would be much appreciated. My room is approx 330 square feet and open at the back.

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audiogon for higher end stuff and sometimes videogon.com has a few less expensive receivers that audiogon doesnt have.

Also Ebay.

You can get a used H/K, Denon for that cheap. Maybe few years old NAD without Pro logic II.


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I have heard the AS-C1 in conjunction with the rest of your system (execept the sub) I think it matches up extremely well

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Good advice for an older but high quality avr (5.1) reciever is the Denon line . I have the 3300 and would compare it to any other out there .

Happy shopping

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Look at www.ecost.com (and perhaps www.etronics.com) for factory refurbs and last year's models.

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The panasonic XR25, 45, and 50 have been getting a lot of attention (and modding) because they use newer technology digital amplification, which for the first time is not getting a black eye from audiophiles when implemented in a consumer product.
Check out these threads comparing the various panny digital rec.:


There really are a ton of threads about the various models and the modded units, but basically people compare them to MUCH more expensive dedicated amplifiers favorably, and they can be used as a regular receiver with great results. Best of all they can be found relatively cheaply.
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