Speakers for Marantz SR-14EX


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My DVD set-up is now fixed and I'm enjoying my 5.1 THX Ultra Marantz.

I am upgrading my other components as needed and was wondering about speakers. I currently have Infinity RS-525's in the front and my choice of Infinity RS-1's or Klipsch SS-1's for the rear. I have a Boston Acoustics VR500 sub. I do not have a center channel speaker and have simply subsituted one of my extra surrounds for testing purposes.

The infinity's are nice (in my inexperienced mind) and were purchased 10 years ago, when they were considered very upscale in the retail stores.

I have a choice between trying to match with an Infinity RS center channel from E-bay, or some other acoustically similar model, or doing away with the bunch and starting from scratch.

I've been offered an older set (less than 5 years old)of KEF reference (all five speakers) for about $2,800 Cdn. While I'm sure they would be nice, I'd like to hear suggestions from the audience that would match my receiver.

The room is 22' by 22' and carpeted, with a large screen TV providing a large dead space.

The system would be 75% HT and 25% music. I also anticpate upgrading my DVD player to something capable of SACD and/or DVD-A, in which case the system may get more use for music.

I would consider the $2,800 to be around my maximum tolerance for additional cost.


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If you really are interested in new speakers I can't think of a better brand to match your Marantz than Monitor Audio. I would listen to the Silver 6[$999pr] and Silver 8 [$1499pr] for mains, the Silver center is $600 and the Silver 1 for surrounds.[$600pr]. These are list prices of course. Keep your present sub and you will have a beautiful system that will fill your space and be a perfect match sonically.

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Kefs sound good - I have 2 different Kefs and like both of them. If you are getting them at about 50% off, and they have been well taken care of - they sound pretty good.

Make sure all the woofers and tweeters ! are working. You can check the tweeters by lowering the bass and maximizing the highs.

Bring your receiver over and connect them to make sure you are happy with the improvement. They should sound better than infinity.

I would upgrade the cables if you haven't already. www.accessories4less.com has ixos cables that are pretty good - speaker cable 6003 is pretty good, and the gamma RCA cables are good as well.
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