Amp first or Speakers?


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Yes, still a-workin' on my new system. Seems like the big push is to find the right speakers first, then try to find a synergistic amp/cdp. I'm not making claims against that, but there are only so many brands and models in my area to listen to. I'd love to demo the full range of possibilities, but it's just not practicle.

So if I find a good deal on an amp/cdp that by accounts play well together, is it reasonable to make a grab? Then I'd have enough setup to actually demo speakers and hear more of what I'm really getting.

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That would be ok too - or you can buy on the web - more choices. I would recommend getting them used at - you will get better sound for the same price, and you will probably want to upgrade in a couple of years anyway.

You can ask for advices on the sight.
NAD is a good starting brand. There are others better for more money.

Green mountain europa is a good speaker for the money.

I would go slow and try to hear many systems before buying.

Good luck and welcome to this exciting hobby,


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Don't worry, I'm on Gon every day. (It's a little obsessive, really.) But I have no qualms about buying used, I know the drill, so that's my main hunting ground.

The first real in-store listening I did was with a Rotel combo, integrated and cdp. Those two pieces were $700 each. Add ~$1000 for speakers and ~$200 for cabling and I'm shooting for a $2500 start. If the amp had a phono board built-in, all the better. Adding a turntable is probably my next step.

I do like what seems to be the British Sound (yes I've read the long thread about this), a plainer sound than the big drama of the US sound. Read that as you will. Considering an Arcam setup, A85 w/ 72T perhaps. Or perhaps a Creek / Music Hall cdp pair. Might go NAD, though for the price I might try amp/pre and cdp there. Any number of $1500-range amps that run around half that used. Any sharp stand-outs for that price?

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I'm new here so bear with me. To show how old I am, I'm in possession of a Crown D150 amp and pre-amp. Is it worth keeping or time to move on?
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