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I thought one visit to Best Buy or my local AV dealer would be enough to decide on a decent Home Theater system. Then I started researching online and discovered a whole new AV world I knew nothing about. My head has been spinning ever since trying to decide on the best system for my budget. First my budget is $3000 max. The only thing I am sure of is that I will probably get a SVS PB10-ISD for a sub. My living area is appox 17.5' deep by 19' wide, and 1/2 of the back continues into my kitchen so it is not closed square room. Receivers that I considering, Integra 7.5, Yamaha rx v1500, Pioneer Elites, NAD(will see these tomorrow). Speakers are Klipsh, Paradigm, Boston Acoustics, and Definitive Tech.

I have heard the Yamaha RX v750 with Klipsh RC 25, RB 25 and RW10. With a DVD this combo was quite impressive. With music, the salesman switched to a Denon 3805 with the same speakers without me knowing, and I kept thining the sound was just OK. Then he went back to the Yamaha and the sound was much better and warmer than the Denon. Not what I had expected after reports I have read. The Yamaha/Klipsch was not as bad as I had expected. But then I heard the Integra DTR 7.5 with Paradigm Mini-monitor speakers and this just was just perfect-rich and warm-better than the Klipsch.

I will hear the Pioneer/Definitive combo this week but was hoping for educated suggestions from those that have heard some of these combos together.

I am interested in a system that will be awesome for HT-movies and very good for music rather than vice-versa. My feeling is Klipsch speakers will be great for HT but not so great for music-especially since I will not have carpet or drapes in the room. I know the Paradigms will be great for music, but curious about HT-DVDs, have not heard surround sound in Paradigms yet. Salesman suggested Mini Monitors for fronts(bookshelf), CC 170, and CS-60R or CS-80R for rear in ceiling mounts. I have read that the PDR subs are not as good the more expensive ones in their line, so I will opt for SVS.

For some reason I find myself leaning towards a Yamaha/Paradigm combo. Would appreciate any input or guidance. Especially comparing Yamaha to Integra, dont see as many reviews on Integras.

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I currently just bought the paradigm cc370 center channel to go with my titans as front (will be getting the monitor 7's real soon) with a very cheap set of surrounds. The paradigm's are awesome with HT, the cc370 puts out a pretty amazing sound field. The paradigm yamaha combo is an excellent choice. If you listen to alot of hardcore music and like it REALLY loud, then i would recommend the klipsch cause they are FUN speakers, however i feel that the paradigms are a more laidback AMAZING speaker. If you can set up the yamaha denon comparison on the paradigms, that might give you a different result on which receiver you like best cause both are matched very well with paradigm. Also consider NAD t753, or the ROTEL as both are also great matches with paradigm. Have fun with it, I am.


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Does anyone have a heads up comparison of Boston Acoutics versus the Paragidms. I tried to listen to the BA today but they were not set up. Guy works out of his house, usually uses old customers for auditioning. Looking at CR 75s, CRC center, and 6.5 in wall ceiling rears. Any help with this comparison would be appreciated since I can not listen to the two at this time. Hopefully later will be better. Will either have them on a Yamaha RX v1500 or NAD receiver(not sure which one yet)

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I don't think the BA's will be as good a match with Yamaha as the Paradigm's. If I was you I would stick to Paradigm and then decide between the Yamaha and NAD receivers. Sonically the NAD is superior but make sure it has enough inputs for your system now and in the future. They are very limited in this area[only 6] while Yamaha is very generous.[9]. Either combination is a good one. I would not consider Klipsch since your room is so lively. Klipsch is way too bright for a room like that and you would soon suffer listener fatique from a Yamaha/Klipsch combination. I found your comments about the Yamaha/Denon comparison very interesting as I too think Denon overly bright and sibilant. As to the sub, the Paradigm PDR line is ok but the PS line is very good and not much more money. The PS-1000 lists for $400 and if you buy a complete Paradigm system your retailer should be giving you a minimum 10 percent discount and 15 would be more appropriate. Make sure of any stores return policy before you buy anything and always use your own source material for any listening tests. Have fun and good luck.

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"Sonically the NAD is superior but make sure it has enough inputs for your system now and in the future. They are very limited in this area[only 6] while Yamaha is very generous.[9]."

What inputs are you talking about here? The Yamaha (1400) has 7 digital inputs, NAD (T753) has 6. Analog AV inputs, Yamaha 5, NAD 5. Analog A-only inputs Yamaha 3, NAD 2. Yamaha 5.1-in, NAD 7.1-in. I dont see a very big difference here.
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