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As I own the Nad T773 for almost a year, I enjoy every minute with this system (+ Snell Speakers), and today I was playing the new U2 DVD (Live) DTS and the sound was so clean and it sounded to me like a high end preamp + amp system...

BTW, I do have a question: I set up the cross over to 80 Hz - is that good or should I set it to lower level like 40 Hz (I have Snell 3 way speakers) ?

Thanks, Daniel


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Depends on your sub. Some subs have better soundquality than others. The only way to know for sure is to try the different crossovers and then just select the one you like best.

If you have a calibration DVD (like AVIA) you can test the real bass capability of your front speakers. If the level is even to like 50Hz you could lover the x-over to 60Hz. But that's not necessarily the best option either, your Snells might work better if they dont have to do the lowest basses.

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80Hz should be fine for the crossover. Most systems will be able to handle this point - unless you have extreemely small speakers. If you have small ones, and the point is set that low, you will notice a 'hole' in the sound spectrum. This is where the sub is capped at 80 Hz, and the little speakers are unable to produce anything (well) between 80 Hz to about 150 Hz. Play around with the settings and see what you like best. Most 'Impact' frequencies are around 50 - 80 Hz... so setting the sub below that will cause you to miss out on the whole reason it's there. Setting the sub too high will cause a lot of 'boominess' in the room. Give it a try and let us know.

BTW - the THX reccommended crossover point IS 80Hz.

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Thanks, so if I will set the crossover to 80 Hz is that means that bellow 80 Hz the SW will be activated and the bass will not be from the speakers?

Thanks again, Daniel
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