Ground wire for Technics SL-20


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First post...I'm new to the TT world so I wanted to start cheap. I bought a used SL-20 from a thrift for $5, minus cart. I bought a new P-mount cart off ebay for $16 and everything (electronically) is working fine. I discovered I need a new belt, but that's on the way too (for $6)no big deal.

My qestion, the ground connection in the rear isn't the screw type that you tighten over a bare ended wire. It's a hole meant for a plug. It's similar in size to an RCA plug, but it is NOT an RCA plug. Imagine taking the protruding exterior off off an RCA, so that all that's there is the male peg. The hole looks similar to a mini-phone (in the sense it's just a hole) but it's a bigger hole than mini-phone, possibly even a bit bigger than a RCA. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Where to find one? Or a website w/ the specs on a SL-20? My email is Much thanks in advance.

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I think I have the same model technic, and recently started having a grounding problem. I just have the usual wire around a screw configuration, but after 2 years of no problems, I have an unbearable buzzing that I can't eliminate. It definately has something to do with the ground, but I really don't know much about this. could you help?

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it could be your cartridges, if you touch the wires linking the tonearm to the needleyou will hear a humming noise, change your cartidges every 6 months.
can you use normal wire to extend the ground cable?

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change your cartridge every six months? where did you get an idea like that? if a cartridge is properly cared for, especially if you pay for a decent one, it should last for YEARS, not months.

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definetly brad. a decent cartridge SHOULD last for years if properley cared for. the only thing i have had to replace in the last 18 months on mine were the needles.

not half the price of a brand new cartridge and thats only because i practice my scratching for hours on end
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