Button stuck on my RCA Lyra 1080


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Ive had my lyra for almost a year and this is the first probalem ive had. my volume down button has been stuck and i cant hear my music or get it unstuck. does anyone have any advice on how to fix it?

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Hope some one can help I purchased the 1080 and down loaded tunes from MusicMatch. When I try to play them they are play at a very rapid spead and I hear no sound at all. Case you can't tell I band new at this

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That Happened To My Lyra too. Just Yesterday I noticed that the down volume button didn't click.
I can still push on it and the sound will drag down but it dosn't move. I popped of the buttons with a screwdriver (VERY UNRECOMENDED) and found that the volume buttons are connected to a peice of plastic on the left side by a narrow strip of plastic. The narrow strip on my down button was bent so that the plastic (under the silver cap) was connected to was down and couldn't click. It's probobly fixable, but for going to the trouble of getting the part replaced you'd be better off just bying a new one.

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Next to the USB port is a sticker that must be removed to access the screw holding the 2 parts of the player together. Using a jeweler's screwdriver, remove the screw and GENTLY pull the two parts of the case apart. There will be 2 circuit boards, one on top of the other connected by a white plug connector. Lift up on the top board (the one with the display) and slide it out. Look at the two switches for the volume using a magnifying glass and make sure that the switch is still soldered to the circuit board on BOTH sides of the switch. If not, then solder the connection and set the volume to a level you will be comfortable with forever. If the solder is good, replace the top (w/ display) circuit board and power it up without the cover. Use a jeweler's screwdriver to depress the volume switch and check to make sure that the sound level is adjusting properly. If this does the trick, the plastic silver switch is not hitting the switch contact, so use a jewelew's screwdriver to remove the switch permanently. Close the case without the switch and put the screw in the bottom. Then, a small object can be used to depress the switches to adjust the volume.

Hope that helps
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