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Restore Dual 1210 or new budget turntable?Jan Vigne4
Is a pre-amp a necessity?captainhab1
Turntable Instruction ManualConstantin Cheremete6
What kind of turntableJan Vigne3
Dual 510...spinning too fastTom9
Sony PS-LX250H Anonymous2
Technics SL-7 TurntableBruce Groven2
Dual 505-3 plays slowJan Vigne2
Help with a technics sl-n5amonar193
Project debut 2 / inner groove soundJan Vigne2
Inexpensive phono stage for low output mc cartridge!Frank Abela81
Garrard 2025TC questionJan Vigne2
Whats your fav song on vinyl??Brandon Larson3
Stanton tables and mixer caused protect light on receiverJan Vigne4
Preamps, amps?Frank Abela8
Phono PreampFrank Abela2
Need adviceJan Vigne2
Oil leak??Jan Vigne2
Setting up Project Debut IIJames Lee3
Gemini table humJan Vigne37
Who knows kenwood turntables?mike0006
Ariston q deckNuck3
Question about Speed ControlJan Vigne3
Need a new oneNuck1
Dual 505 TurntableJan Vigne2
Please Recommend one of these Phono Pre's Frank Abela30
Problem!Jan Vigne2
My ariston won't play records...any advice?pricecj4
Searchingjoseph coulson3
Old Thorens TD 160 - AdviceGreg2583
Need tonearm balance weight for Technics SL-23.Anonymous4
General Info for Technics SL23SethCurtis1
Turntable for mono and 78Dominic Vautier10
Technics SL1200 MK 2 - Spinning Out Of Controllucalondon9
How good is the Dual 1214 turntable?Jan Vigne2
Music Hall MMF-5?joseph coulson27
Pro-ject Debut II or Pro-ject 1.2?joseph coulson3
Need cartridge for Marantz 6100Adam Farber3
Rega Planar2 helpbrian n6
Do i really need a tonearm cable??Vinyl fanatic7
Replacement cartridge for EB101Blod6
JVC AL-A158 beltanth51501
Belt slows down after scratching / back cueingJohn A.3
Cartridge for Revox B795Jim Phillips1
Project debut 2, Upgradable?P. Z1
Just got a Dual CS 503-1 and have some problemsAllen Moore5
Great record player for under $700?Ben James5
Sony DDW840 and Phonographbloschum3
Dual 515Nuck1
Hooking up a pioneer pl d12 to receiverJosh Becvar1
AR EB 101 Help Pleasemr moon6
Advice Needed: Allignment Tool/Phono PreAmp/Cartridge for Marantz 6300a.phillips1 guy questionAndy Brawner10
Help With Grounding IssuePablo3
Loose HeadshellPablo3
Dual 505 1 cartridge question.J. Vigne2
Sony Direct Drive Turntable PS 3300Terry Herrmann7
Need phono cartridge for SONY PS-3300Terry Herrmann1
Cleaning HelpDominic Vautier3
Turntable Repair in the SF Bay AreaTwo Cents4
Fisher MT-725 Turntable Questions - Low Volume Even on Phono InputJeff Jones2
Turntable turns on and off repeatedlyTom Evans1
Thorens turntables and slide-mountingJaap2
Fisher MT-6117 belt replacement instructions?Michael Favreau1
Grado Black or Shure M97XE?Dominic Vautier2
Morse TT - newbie needs help!J. Vigne2
I don't have RCA outputs on my turntable...J. Vigne4
New to all this! My turntable is Very Very quiet!Dominic Vautier6
Can you guys make some suggestions!Frank Abela3
Pioneer PL15-RPhil Jennings1
Obtained broken turntable, trying to fix. Please help!!Anonymous2
Difference in volume between turntablesJ. Vigne9
AC adapter for Thorens TD 166 Mk2Andy @ data-technix2
Need Help with a Pioneer PL 12DIzzy Rodriguez6
Mystery Console StereoBobP7
Phono input on ampFrank Abela2
Acoustic Researc EB101mr moon3
Project 2 spindle static, help appreciatedrobert whiteman11
Need a belt-drive tt for archiving... suggestions please!Frank Abela2
Ortofon cartridges--please help.J. Vigne4
Getting extreme static when connect turntable to receiverJ. Vigne2
Can't get my turntable to work with a Sony STR-DE597 receiver.Kevin J.7
Pioneer PL-12D advicePhil Jennings2
Changing Cord/Cables on Dual 505-1leonard bloom15
Wondering strobeD Carter4
Help with pioneer turntablecarey westbrook3
Humph. my records are chipmunks. help please? (newbie)Frank Abela4
Turntable Interconnects: What type for blissful analog playbackAl B3
Turntable makes clicking soundDave knecht1
Turntable Runs too fastAnonymous12
Hooking up a belt to a broken turntable, please helptiffany stevens1
My needle fell out....J. Vigne2
What should I do with my used Thorens turntable?sad person1
Technics SL-J2 grounding issueKevin Anderson1
ARISTON Q-DECKJim-Bob McBobberts7
Wire for ground cableJohan Linnarsson3
MM vs MC cartridgesJ. Vigne2
Technics SL-B5dondavis3
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