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Looking for a entry level receiver that also has RF remote ... any suggestions?


I don't know of any that come out of the box with an RF remote, but many recivers at many price points are RF ready.

On the back of my HK AVR525 there is a jack that looks like 1/8th inch mini that is for an RF receiver. I also know that the Kenwood 6070 has this too. Check out the huge thread on the 6070 here, as I know a few folks have written about the RF adapter (like $10) and where to buy it.


I posted about the 6070 and I use the rf function with the IR transmitters. Check the thread on the 6070 and search for xantech, it will help you find the posts I made for the RF/IR functions. (use Cntrl F to find words on a web-page quickly).

Does the RF in the 6070 work well - ie from various rooms can you control volume, source, power?

I did just a few brief tests (I've no real need to control the receiver from the next room), but it does appear to work. I don't know whether it will work long distance to control other devices, using IR repeaters, but I'd guess so.


I've just found a previous post from Jeffrey in the extremely long thread on the 6070 in which he says that the remote will work long distance to control other devices through the IR repeater.


I have only tested it up to about 60-70 feet, but it works fine.
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