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Brian Mitchell
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What main speakers did you run this with. Would you consider the sub to be as musical as similar priced HSU offerings or the Paradigm servo-15

Brian, could you describe the room you used your 20-39PC+ in?

Brian Mitchell
The testing room is 16' wide x 22' long x 9' high ceiling. The floor is covered in wall-to-wall carpet.

I tested using the Axiom Audio Epic 80 and the Aperion Audio speaker systems. The Onkyo TX-NR900 receiver was set to "small" with the crossover set at 80Hz. I tested the HSU VTF-3 previously, but I preferred the SVS 25-31PCi over it. The SVS 20-39PC-Plus betters them both.

Also used were Eighth Nerve acoustic room treatments and cables.

Edward J M
Hi Brian:

"There is also a knob on the back of the subwoofer that adjusts the tuning point to 25Hz, 20Hz, 16Hz, or 12Hz."

This knob is actually a user adjustable subsonic filter. Plugging the port(s) is what actually alters the tuning point, and the user then adjusts the subsonic filter to match the tuning point.

A vented subwoofer enclosure lacks restoring force below its tuning point, and the woofer can be bottomed by spurious subsonic content at high volumes. The subsonic filter really helps avoid this potential problem and is a "must have" feature in any high output subwoofer like the PC+.

The 4 position user adjustable subsonic filter is, to the best of my knowledge, unique to the SVS product and represents a big advantage over competitor's products IMHO.

It is a thunderous sub - and clean and tight. Will shake a room with rattles you've never heard before and will have to hunt down. Highly recommended. As the review said - you can adjust to reference levels or really kick it up with room to spare - has made a big improvement to both video and music for me.

Place my order for the 20-39PC+ last Friday morning some time after midnight. Sub shipped out Friday afternoon. I received it yesterday (Tuesday). Hard to beat that.

I play about 65% movies and 35% music. After setup and calibration, I played a few sample of each. WOW!!! This sub blows my old sub to smitherines!. On LOTR (Gandalf vs Balrog) I can feel the vibrations in my leather sofa. On "Celebrating the Music of Weather Report" DVD-A, the bass was kickn'!!! I'm a happy camper.

To Brian or any other,
Have you had a chance to compare the 20-39PC+ with the 25-31+?

If so, what are the differences? Also, how do their square subs compete with these mentioned?....

Hello everyone,
I've been reading the reviews on the SVS 20-39 and 25-31 and they both sound awesome. I started reminiscing back-in-the-das when I had would cruise with my Suburban down Hollywood Blvd. and heads would be turning left and right... setting off car alarms. Anyways, high school days are long gone and it's time for a tight system for my new place. I'm ADDICTED to base... so the SVSs sound awesome (I mean I haven't heard them yet but i'm talking about the reviews)! I'm a poor grad. school student so if possible, I would like to get my hands on a refurbished one (cause they are even cheaper)... basically at a REALLY good price? Anyone know where I need to go?


Eric Martello
I am kinda leary about a sub made out of a cardboard tube...for $825 I would want something a little more solid, even if it does sound great (which I am sure it does). My buddy has a HSU sub, not sure exactly which model, but it has an external amp and it has really boomy bass. It is awesome for explosions and action sequences in movies, but for my tastes it's not as tight with music. I ended up getting this Onyx Graviton Subwoofer I just got a few weeks ago, and it has a really unique sound that is hard to explain. It's not as hard-hitting as the HSU is, but it is very smooth and engulfing. The bass kinda surrounds me all around, and I've never had a sub whose location I could not discern while it was playing. I do enjoy hearing the bass my sub produces. I use it in my 14x20x11 living room and it doesn't feel underpowered at all. Check it out if you are looking for a sub in this price costs a bit more than the svs, but it is VERY solid. IMO it is worth every penny. :)


The SVS website has a section for B stock.

Just ordered a 20-39PC+ to replace my Mirage BPS-150. Hoping that I'd see an improvement in deapth and in dynamic range over the Mirage. The Mirage is a fine subwoofer, very musical too, but in viewing some movies, it seems to "bottom out" and starts to make thunk-flop kind of noise. Quite noticeable with MI-2, U571, Das Boot, and a few others :(. Wonder if the addition of a subsonic filter would make the thing perform better by constraining the driver excursion. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to auditioning the SVS when I get it in about three weeks time! Too bad it's going to take that long for me to get the speaker. Guess SVS is short handed filling the orders. Wish there were some B-stocks too. Would've been nice to save a few $$. Now I have to tell my wife about the new purchase somehow.... :)

I am thrilled with my 20-39PC+, which I've had for seven months now. The sub is responsive and powerful, and adds no boom to the bass on its own. But if boom is recorded, stand back! Also, I want to stress the rock solid construction of the unit. It's not a flimsy cardboard tube! It can make anything not lashed down in the room vibrate, but nothing on the sub does except the speaker. It is solid all the way around. I could not be happier with a sub! Oh, and did I mention it goes flat down to 20Hz? Yow!

I was planning to buy a Paradigm Servo 15, but now, after reading all those reviews and posts about the SVS powered cylinders I am in serious doubt about what I should buy.

My system will be used 50% for music / 50% Movies. My fronts are Paradigm Studio 100's powered by Rotel 380 watt amps. Rest of spekers powered by rotel 5 x 200w.

Please your comments on what sub would be better for my system (between Servo 15 and SVS's )

Personally I like the HSU VTF-2 at $499 and the HSU VTF-3 at $849. The cylindrical SVS's are too intrusive looking to my taste--and particularly to my girlfriends taste :-)

You can always get a pair of HSU's to really balance the sound. Quite a few people swear by getting two subs as it is difficult for most people to locate one sub ideally.

The Paradigm's play loud and low. They never struck me as great for music as they are for movies. They can really crank out that bombastic sound in movie explosions, the jets in TOP GUN, etc.

SVS makes fine subs. Like HSU, they are hard to beat at their price points. I just prefer the HSU box format over their similarly priced box formats. I do like their cylindrical subs--but they are just too intrusive-looking to my taste.

I have the 2039 PC+(tuned to 16Hz)This sub takes up less floor space than my acoustic research sub did. Of course the SVS sub is in another class. I have it in a corner and I was amazed at the sound and how much more space I had now. It definitely adds another dimension to movies and music.

I have 2 Velodyne VA1012X's, would one SVS 20-39PC-Plus Subwoofer be an upgrade?

Anyone have any thoughts on my previous question directly above this?

Unregistered guest
I am considering getting the Paradigm Servo15 or the Hsu VTF3 Mark II. My room size is about 3,000 cubic feet with another 1,000 cubic feet taken up by passageways (Total 4,000 cubic feet). My set up is Yamaha RXV1400, Parasound HCA1205A, Phillips 963SA DVD SACD player, Infocus X1 projector, Wilson Benesch Actor main speakers, Definitive Technology C1, Warfedale Diamond as presence speakers, Goodmans back surround speakers, Klotz GY107 interconnects with Neutrik RCAs, Belden component to VGA for video and Belden speaker cables.

The VTF3 in piano finish costs S$1,800 (US$799)but the Paradigm Servo (minus the crossover) costs S$1,900 (US$1,600?). It appears that the Paradigm would be a better buy. Placement of the subwoofer is limited due to furniture and cabinets in the room. Music and movie listening is approx. 50/50. Any views?
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