Vivitek H5080 DLP Home Theater Projector Review


Vivitek helps keep DLP an attractive alternative to LCD for home theater projector shoppers.

(3 out of 4)

Vivitek’s H5080 is an intriguing machine. On the one hand, Vivitek is clearly trying to strengthen its position in the home theater marketplace, and the H5080’s heft and attractive looks certainly give it a dose of high-end panache. On the other hand, the H5080’s video processing capabilities could definitely stand some improvement and it does suffer from at least a few ergonomic quirks.With the home theater projector marketplace as crowded and competitive as it is right now, Vivitek’s H5080 makes for a capable performer but at a suggest list price of $2999.99, it does seem a bit overpriced when factoring in its processing deficiencies, ergonomic quirks, and a lack of 3D support. That said, the H5080’s impressive brightness, deep blacks, and punchy colors could easily make a strong case for itself if you can find it at a discount.

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  • No 3D (yeah, I said it)
  • Plenty bright
  • Vibrant, punchy colors
  • Deep blacks, good shadow detail
  • Available fixed short throw and long throw lenses


  • No 3D (for those who actually like that sort of thing)
  • Loud, mechanical noise during iris adjustments
  • Mediocre video processing
  • Grayscale adjustments in Service Menu only
  • Less-than-ideal lens shift control location
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