VideoSecu PJ2W Ceiling Projector Mount Review


If you’re looking for a low cost way of getting that front projector up on your ceiling and out of the way, this inexpensive little mount may be a perfect fit.

(3 out of 4)

Other than the need to use Keystone in my specific case, the VideoSecu PF2W offers decent adjustability and performance for an excellent price. I was able to adjust the tilt in all directions to hit the screen properly and the projector locks in place pretty well so even the occasional light bump (from my head) does not misalign the image. If it weren’t for the need to use keystone to square the image, I would be extremely satisfied with this mount. If you are looking for a budget ceiling mount that puts your projector 5 inches from the ceiling, or somewhere between 17 and 26 inches from the ceiling, then this may serve your needs.

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  • Really inexpensive
  • Solid hardware
  • Comes with all of the nuts and bolts you’ll need
  • Includes extension arm for up to 26 inches of drop
  • Decent adjustment capabilities within its height range


  • Our sample was missing an extra arm mounting hole for three-hole projectors
  • Limited amount of height adjustment in the middle range (nothing between 5.5″ and 17″)
  • A bit lightweight if you’re trying to mount a large or heavy projector
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