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Pioneer S-LX70 Flat Panel Speaker System Review

Pioneer S-LX70 Flat Panel Speaker System Review

It seems just a few years ago, users didn’t have the option to locate good sounding speakers that provided good sound and maintained a look that blended in well with the aesthetics of a wall-mounted flat panel TV. However, the last few years have issued in a new age of speaker systems specific to flat screens serving to both support the sound of movies and sporting events alike as well as being at least serviceable in music playback as well. This review takes a good look at Pioneer’s Elite Flat screen speaker system, the S-LX70 series to see if it holds up its end of the home theater standard. MSRP: $1,837

(4 out of 5) Performance
(5 out of 5) Value

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  • Elegantly designed
  • Excellent low frequency definition
  • Free shipping
  • 2 year warranty


  • Company specs not completely accurate
  • Floor stands no longer available
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