Optoma HD33 3D Projector Review


A couple years ago, Optoma redefined the projector market by introducing a 1080p model for under $1000. That was unheard of. What’s equally unheard of is a 3D projector under $3000 – except that Optoma has now broken down that barrier again, too. And this is the model that did it, the HD33. And, you know, you’d think that doing this would result in a projector that meets the 3D spec, but perhaps drops a lot of features and sacrifices quality to do it. That’s where it gets weird, in a good way, because the HD33 is actually a good projector. In fact, it’s a great projector. There are several stand-out features that I’d like to point out. First, color is incredible, right out of the box. We used the Cinema mode and set the lamp to Standard to reduce light output. This gave us just under 700 lumens, perfect for our light-controlled room and a configuration that gave us deep, rich black levels. MSRP: $1,500

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