Mitsubishi WD-92840 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV Review

Mitsubishi WD-92840 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV Review

There are big HDTVs and then there is the WD-92840 3D HDTV from Mitsubishi. 92 inches of rear-projection 3D DLP glory. When you are this big, they call you “Mister.”

(3 out of 4)

The Greatest Show on Earth
The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is without a doubt, one of the most fascinating home theater products I’ve experienced. In some respects, it is impractical and unforgiving in the wrong environment. It spits in the eye of the rest of the industry at a time when everyone is fighting to see who can make an HDTV as thin as a sheet of paper. It needs its own room with controlled lighting for optimum set-up. With all of that stacked against it, one still can’t help but admire the overall experience; that feeling that you are finally viewing a “big-screen” HDTV that looks pretty spectacular with 2D if you take time to squeeze every last drop out of it. If I had $10,000 to spend on a large screen video display, I would still buy a front projector/screen combo without hesitation. If I had around $5,000 to spend and only had room for a flat-panel HDTV, the Panasonic 65″ VT50 would probably be my choice. But if I had under $5,000, wanted that big screen experience and had the room and control over ambient light, the WD-92840 would be the easiest buying decision I ever made. Highly recommended.

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  • It has a 92″ screen
  • Movies look and feel like you are watching on a good projector/screen combination
  • It made me the most popular person in town for two months
  • Excellent image sharpness and clarity in 2D mode
  • Solid black levels
  • ISF Advanced Adjustment Settings
  • Did I mention that it has a 92″ screen?
  • Replacement bulbs are inexpensive
  • A competent calibrator can make it look quite spectacular
  • Excellent value for the money when a 85″ plasma is $35,000 more


  • Highly reflective screen
  • Needs a big room and careful placement
  • 3D is only slightly above-average
  • Media apps are lackluster
  • Good luck moving this yourself
  • Active 3D glasses are heavy and uncomfortable
  • You may never go to work once you get one
  • GordanShumway

    The whole family loves this Mitsubishi so much! The colors
    are vivid and life-like, and the picture is so clear and sharp. I already had
    three HD TVs, but since I picked up the Hopper through my job at DISH, I wanted
    another. The Hopper gives me full HD to four separate rooms, and this Mitsubishi
    fills that fourth spot better than I thought possible. It looks amazing, and
    best of all, now everyone can watch their shows in HD, and no one misses a
    program because of a DVR timer conflict, both of which had been an ongoing
    battle in my house. Thanks again!


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