Logitech Revue GoogleTV Review


I can’t remember a time when a product had more hype (or potential) than when Google announced GoogleTV. The trouble was, the leaked video and descriptions were somewhat vague and nobody truly had a real grasp on what the technology would hold. We, of course, wanted to get our grubby little hands on it as soon as earthly possible – and that was facilitated by our relationship with DISH, who sent us a Logitech Revue as soon as they had one in-hand. For anyone truly looking to unlock the full power of GoogleTV, realize that DISH is the first (currently only, as far as we know) to fully integrate their DVRs with GoogleTV without the use of IR emitters or a convoluted interface. With most DVRs, there would be no way to access recorded material, or even program new recordings from the guide via IR, due to the complexity of the tasks involved – at least not without a really manual, unimpressive process. While the newer DVRs and set-top boxes have the potential to integrate well, DISH jumped all over it and we’re able to review the Logitech Revue with full DVR integration with a VIP 722 HD DVR. MSRP: $300

(4.5 out of 5) Performance
(4.5 out of 5) Value

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  • Excellent search
  • Superb wireless keyboard
  • PIP functionality
  • Integrated Harmony remote tech
  • Wide-range IR emitters
  • Wireless Ethernet bridge
  • Full integration with select DISH DVRs


  • Sub-par Netflix integration
  • Somewhat convoluted interface
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