JVC DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector Review


JVC steps up to bat with another excellent front projector offering, and manages an in-the-park home run.

(3.5 out of 4)

Big 3D, Minimal Bucks
Ignoring the 3D aspect for a moment, the DLA-X3 is a fantastic projector at a fantastic price. It’s certainly not as bright as some other options out there, and as such is probably best matched with a screen 100 inches diagonal or smaller (as mentioned, JVC recommends 90-inches diagonal).  Also, my tests were all done on a unity gain white screen.  If you plan on watching a lot of 3D, you should consider a screen with greater than 1.0 gain. But it all comes back to the black levels and contrast ratio: these are so good even the slightly inaccurate color becomes irrelevant. It’s simply an awesome image.

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  • Excellent and accurate 2D picture
  • Great blacks
  • Quiet
  • Nice price for Full HD 1080p 3D


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