iLuv MobiAir & MobiDock for Kindle Fire and Smartphones Review

iLuv MobiAir & MobiDock for Kindle Fire and Smartphones Review

iLuv is certainly going to sell a few of these docks. The Kindle name alone should be enough to steer a lot of traffic toward their MobiDock. The wireless connection of the MobiAir should interest the more technophile crowd. Currently, it seems like the devices are designed to work with one source at a time – a limitation that makes their price seem a bit high considering many homes have multiple smartphones, tablets, and iDevices. The iLuv myBot OmniFit docking system, on the other hand, means you don’t have to worry about the size of your device not working with either of the docks, a feature sure to lure many consumers. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for these when they are released in May. MSRP: $90

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