Evernote Food (for iPhone) Review

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The Evernote Food iPhone app helps you record memorable meals and dishes up recipes and restaurant information, too. Paired with the excellent note-taking capabilities of the standard Evernote app, it’s a neat tool, but doesn’t fully geek out on all things food.

(3.5 out of 5)


  • Recipe exploration section rich with photos
  • Finds recipes from a wide variety of blogs and websites
  • Restaurant information includes menus when available
  • Free


  • Restaurant search features could be better
  • Recipes not categorized
  • Doesn’t include suggested tags or framework for organizing food-specific notes
  • Values breadth of interests over depth in any one area

Before you tuck into your sad desk lunch, maybe you ought to do a quick scan of restaurants nearby to see if there’s something more worthwhile to eat. The Evernote Food iPhone app (free) can help you navigate either route, whether you decide to snap photos and make notes about that three-day old congealed pasta mash, or seek out fresher fare at a local café.

Evernote Food, which is available as an iPad app and an Android app too, gives food fanatics a way to save, store, and search for all those dining memories, while throwing in restaurant listings and recipes to boot. 

In testing Evernote Food for iPhone, I was surprised to see how much food-related content Evernote Food delivers in addition to the storing and search capabilities it provides when connected to an Evernote account (free to $45 per year for Premium). An Evernote account is a necessity if you want to save anything from the food app, from photos you’ve shot of your meals to that new lunch spot near work you want to remember to visit next the time you have $20 burning a hole in your pocket. What else could you ask for in a food app on your iPhone? Unfortunately, quite a bit.

What holds the app back from greatness is that it is for dabbling in your food interests rather than seriously exercising them. Recipes come from a list of fairly wide range of blogs and websites, but that list isn’t one you can control. The list of included restaurants and their associated information are merely powered by Foursquare (free, 4 stars). And while in

By Jill Duffy, PCMag


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