Emotiva Ultra 12 Subwoofer Review


“Subwoofer” – it’s like a magic word around here and makes all of us audioholics have little dreams of black boxes that cause our walls to crack, dishes to rattle, and rock our children to sleep… from the other end of the house. Some people think a good subwoofer will go down to 2 Hz, cost $200 and live in a box the size of a small laptop computer. Others go for size, wanting nothing less than a small refrigerator that will smack them around like a rag doll. We prefer a slightly more balanced approach, so when Emotiva announced their affordable Ultra Sub 12, we were intrigued. A 12″ high quality driver mounted in a modest sized sealed enclosure with a meaty power amp for under $500 sure sounded like a winner to us. Could their magic black box deliver good bass and punch at an affordable price? Read our review to find out. MSRP: $499

(4 out of 5) Performance
(5 out of 5) Value

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  • Clean tight sound
  • Superb output
  • Unbeatable value


  • No speaker level inputs
  • Small size limits ultimate bass extension

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