Axiom Audio A1400-8 Digital Multi-Channel Amplifier Review


Axiom Audio has redefined performance expectations of Class D amplifiers with their A1400-8. They have proven that a highly efficient space saving digital amplifier design like this can not only hang with some of the best traditional linear amplifier designs, but also surpass them in some aspects such as dynamics, bass accuracy and power delivery. If you’re assembling an upscale home theater system with the design goals of uncompromised fidelity and dynamics, and your speakers are capable of handling its mighty power, you should definitely add the A1400-8 to your shortlist of high power multi-channel amplifiers for consideration. MSRP: $3,850

(4.5 out of 5) Performance
(3.5 out of 5) Value

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  • A true powerhouse with sonic chops to match
  • Superb bass response that rivals competitor linear amp designs
  • A true space saver
  • Energy efficient


  • Susceptible to ground loops via unbalanced connections
  • Easier than most amplifiers to blow out/damage due to negligence
  • Too wide for standard 17″ rack mounts

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