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Audyssey MultEQ Pro Sound Equalizer Review

Audyssey MultEQ Pro Sound Equalizer Review

Ultimate audio performance within the listening area starts with the loudspeakers and the room. How the Installer gets the loudspeaker system to integrate within the listening space is what can make or break even the best assembled audio systems. In our article Better Sound Through Active Room Correction (recommended reading before reading this review) the important metrics of loudspeaker placement and selection, room acoustics, and how to best integrate all of these variables using the new Audyssey Pro MultEQ enabled processor for the ultimate theatrical experience in the comforts of your home was discussed. We now expand upon this with a formal review of the Audyssey MultEQ Pro sound equalization processor. MSRP: $2,500

(5 out of 5) Performance
(5 out of 5) Value

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  • Unprecedented calibration ability
  • Delivers 8x more bass accuracy than MultEQ XT receiver-based version
  • 2 X accuracy over MultEQ XT above low-bass region
  • Unit appears transparent within system
  • High value for installers & integrators
  • Highest quality DACs and ADCs utilized


  • Requires professional setup and calibration for best results
  • Requires optimal speaker placement for best results
  • Lower cost speakers may not exhibit desired performance envelope
  • Typically requires separates or amplifier
  • 8 pairs of RCA interconnects required for full utilization
  • No +12V Trigger
Acoustic Room Treatments

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